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their children Lily Roose and Julie Caesar

The Caesar Academy has identified César lists of nominees for women and men who have been selected previously. Among them were Lilia-Rose Depa, Vanessa Paradise's daughter, and Samuel Benchetrit's son, Jules Bancetti.

Benchetrit-Paradis's family, on November 16, is Vanessa, an actress and singer who publishes a new album Les sources, is Samuel, author and director who has just released the novel Reviens and their children, young actors, under the leadership of Caesar. Indeed, Lili-Roze Depp and Jules Benchetrit were previously selected as César nominees for women and men. The new actress for her role, "The Beloved Man", by Louis Garrel, by Laetitia Casta. The new actor on Mathieu's "Fingering" interpretation, from Ludovich Bernard, with Lambert Wilson and Christine Scott Thomas. What to have fun with your parents.

The discovery list in 2019 was discovered by Caesar's Academy. Lilia Roze Depa and Jules Bancetti is among 34 actors. They will be supported by an actor or director among more than 4,300 members of the Academy of Arts, Arts and Film Technology, who will find out César finalists for the best expectations of women and men. If you choose, Lilia-Rose Depa and Jules Bensettrit will be named 44th placeth Ceremony, Salle Pleyel, Paris, February 22. Samuel Bennettry's son was already selected as "Asphalt" in 2016 but was not selected. Vanessa Paradis's daughter was named in 2018 for her role in La Stéphanie Di Giusto's La Danseuse.

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After two years of relationship, Vanessa Paradis and Samuel Benchetrit were married last June in Seine-et-Marne. As they live in Los Angeles – where are the singer's children with their former members Johnny Dep, Lily Rose and Jack – and France, where Samuel Benchetrit's son lives and Marie Trintignant, Jules, as well as a child whose writer was Anna Mouglalis, Saul. Jolie Benchetrett has half his brother Romana Kolinka, son of Marija Trintignanta and Richard Kolinka. Also an actor, 32, is also on César's pre-selected list of his role in Mia Hansen-Løve Maya.

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