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The new Rabat buses are already operational


The Alsa-City Bus group's long-promised new buses began circulating in and around the capital on Wednesday, hoping to end the daily calving of the entire public from both banks in Bouregreg.

The long-awaited launch of these new vehicles, replacing the old buses at Rabat-Salé-Kenitra level, is part of the delegated management given to the Spanish company Alsa and the Moroccan company City-Bus. .

The figures will start off gradually with about 150 buses and by the end of August 250 buses will arrive at a rate set at 5 dirhams in the first years of operation, indicated by the delegated company.

These new generation vehicles are equipped with advanced technical standards, are equipped with wifi and electronic ticketing and are accessible even to people with disabilities.

In total, the new park should consist of 350 modern buses to meet the needs and expectations of the inhabitants of Rabat-Salé-Témar.

The commissioning of the new buses is part of the implementation of the agreement signed by the Al-Assima Inter-Communications Cooperation Authority, which brings together the municipal councils of Rabat, Salé, Témar and Shirat. The agreement provides for the adoption of a new delegated management system for the industry

In the Social Register, a ministerial delegate for relations with Parliament and civil society in the House of Representatives, Mustapha El Khalfi, had announced that the new service provider would be integrated by a group of some 1,600 employees at Stareo and that other non-integrated workers should receive compensation.

The Rabat-Salé-Temara city transport network has more than 1084 km of 58 lines, with a total number of users exceeding 60 million every year.

The aim of strengthening the urban transport fleet is to meet the needs and wishes of the local population while respecting the environment. It will also support the modernization and revitalization of public transport in the capital, a dynamic that has led, in particular, to the launch of a tram running through twinned town streets.

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