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Stan Lee, the father of X-Men and Spider-Man are dead

The huge page becomes a comic and superhero world. According to several US media, Stan Lee, a screenwriter who specifically gave birth to Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man or Black Panther, died on Monday. so has created a revolutionary comic book and world of popular culture by creating Marvel for the Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men, or Fantastic Four characters. Stan Lee died on Monday morning in a Los Angeles hospital, according to a TMZ and Hollywood reporter. "My dad loved all my fans," his father J.C. said TMZ.

Looking at his smoky eyes, Stan Lee entered the world of comics with the greatest controversy, far from imagining that he would dream of superhero fans. Born on December 28, 1922, in the family of Roman immigrants in New York, who was severely affected by the Great Depression, Stanley Martin Lieber dreamed of a "big American novel". At age 17, he finds himself in the Timely Comics publishing house comics department.

Before publishing the first text of the paper in 1941, he is a simple assistant responsible for the coffee suction cup and the filling of the designer inkunu. Willing to reserve his real name for several noble works, he chooses the pseudonym of Stan Lee. After two years of starring, Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, he is offered a lead editor. After that, the genius designer Kirby will become his major contributor to the nickname "The King." Stan Lee, a screenwriter, will call himself "The Man."

For twenty years, Stan Lee was led by Timely Comics, now Atlas Comics, writing stories in all genres, while superheroes came unused after the Second World War: Western, romance, science fiction, horror, humor … In the crisis, Atlas Comics is lagging behind simply imitating its great rival DC Comics, where to "run" Batman or Superman.

When his boss asks him to create a home equivalent of the "Justice League", which DC Comics has just published, Stan Lee, after his wife's advice, gives a free approach to his instinct. In 1961, he imagined the superhero team "The Fantastic Four" and the comics constantly changed. While the superhero is traditionally smooth and impeccable, Stan Lee's characters are an ordinary man and woman who has great powers with a combination of circumstances, but filled with human torment. Heroes bicker, doubt, struggle with financial problems or love, so that readers can identify. The bad guys also have feelings. "This guy, Peter Parker, I just want him to be the backbone, he does not seem like a different muscular superhero," Stan Lee asked Jack Kirby before putting them on the spot. Another drawing legend, Steve Ditko.

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Marvel universe

Fantastic Four is a success and leads Stan Lee to create many new characters: Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, X-Men, Daredevil, Doctor Strange or Spider-Man, his favorite. "If I had known that I was so good, I would ask for an increase," he laughed in summer 2017, while Hollywood respected the famous Chinese theater. One of his trademarks: give the same initials to his characters and words. Peter Parker, Reed Richards, Bruce Banner and Matt Murdock will not go out of the law.

In the 1960s, Stan Lee became the publisher's male orchestra called "Marvel". He brings together the script writer, publisher and editorial director. The marketing genius, he creates the "Marvel Universe". All his superheroes are developing in the same world and on the pages of various group magazines: everything is done so that fans feel that they belong to a community. For decades, Hollywood has been using the same technique for customizing the superhero adventure's wide screen.

To keep pace, Stan Lee systematises the Marvel method. Rather than a realistic scenario, it provides designers with a brief summary. When the boards are drawn, he completes them by typing bubbles and legends. So the great components are co-authors of the story. Some will accuse Stan Lee that they are being destroyed by covering him with a blanket.

The publisher becomes a comic ambassador to the United States, multiplying the emergence of conferences and festival conventions in universities, which sometimes find him half of God. Walt Disney's fan, he supervises the adaptation of Marvel's heroes to television and movies, making the usual short performance in all of the films containing his characters.

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After a short time leading the entire company, he left Marvel in the late 90's. Despite a long trial of Marvel, bought by Disney in 2009 for $ 4 billion, Stan Lee has always been closely associated with the community, from which he was still president emeritus and the eternal symbol.

In the last years of his life, there have been several court cases. He had filed a lawsuit against his former POW company! Entertain before abandonment. Massage therapist also accused him of an attack he denied. In June, his lawyer also requested a restrictive order against his former assistant. Of course, the rich ninety-year-old is the victim of abuse of power. His lawyer explained that 95-year-old Stan Lee suffered from "memory, loss of vision and hearing impairment" and "failure to withstand the limitations" that his assistant helped him.

Many reactions

Persons from all walks of life showed him respect, the influence he has had on the culture of the nation. The image of American founder Elon Musk said: "For peace, Stan Lee, the imaginative world and the wonders that you have created for humanity, will remain forever."

"Zev, give him his throne, there is a real patron of gods now," wrote the French comic writer Joann Sfar on Twitter. Ryan Reynolds, the actor who plays Deadpool, also told him: "Thank you for everything."

Marvel has also posted a Dignity Report on the official Twiter account. "Today we stop and angrily think of Stan Lee's death."

Hugh Jackman, who became the star of the Wolverine, X-Men character: "We've lost a creative genius, Stan Lee was an innovative force in the superhero world, I'm proud to have been a small part of his legacy … and helping bring one of his characters . "

Mark Hamil, known for his portrayal of Lucas Skywalker, saga Star Wars: "His contribution to pop culture was revolutionary and could not be held (completely). It was all that you could hope for more, I loved this man and he will always be launched, it is said that no one may ever have to meet the idols of young people.

Chris Evans, who starred in Captain America in several Marvel films: "There will never be Stan Lee, for decades he has offered new and old adventures, exodus, comfort, conviction, inspiration, strength, friendship and joy, sweating love and kindness and leaving an indelible impression for many. , many, many in life. Excelsior! "(often used by Stan Lee)

Tom Holland, who played the role of Petra Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming: "How many millions of us owe this gentleman, more than I. Marvel's father has made so many people incredible. Happy life, life and success. Rest in peace, Stan Robert Downey Jr., who played Iron Man in films: "I owe you everything … rest in peace, Stan." Frank Miller, another great American comic book writer: "My friend Stana's death killed me in my childhood, he was one of my mentors when I started, really a nice man. I miss you terribly."

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