Friday , February 26 2021

Sopran has just expanded sales with its opus Phoenix!

Although he refers to himself, justified as a rapper, the former Rimmas psy4 has become one of the inevitable music lovers In France. After winning several diamond entries, for each of his previous opuses including Cosmpolitanie and Everest showing a full concert at velodroms or toU-Arena up to Nanterre, the rapper has become legendary. He released his new album Phoenix last Friday's tanks. And the first figures that have just fallen into the news and which are not even weekly exploits are already spectacular.

His 6th solo album is gone 25,421 copies but it accounts for 85% of these figures in physics, selling 21,755 CDs, 1,211 streaming games and 1,745 digits, all in only 4 days! If he has sold so much opus in physics this is mainly because of the rapper originally from Comoros has succeeded in touching all generations, not just youth. It does not have that jury "Voice". Although he started with a pretty gangsta title with his band like "Vengeance with both sides", soprano defends tolerance because he played solo. With names like Hiro "Cosmo " or again "Look at me", he is one of the most serious advocates of this multicultural France, who, after joining, defeats sports competitions and is also represented in music as a cinema.

soprano Reception may be a gold record from the first week of operation. Answer within 3 days. But regardless of sales, Soprano is discreet, silent, but, of course, celebrating the story of the first black French artist, from immigration and districts to reach such peaks. More than congratulations, we thank Soprano for such a great model, which is such a source of inspiration for everyone.

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