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Snoop Dogg smokes a large joint in front of the White House


Snoop Dogg smokes a great connection at the White House – Les Inrocks


12/11/18 12:27

In the last protest action, filming "Snoop Dogg" was smoking in a large joints park near the White House.

The United States Presidential Box may become the favorite sport of this good old Snoop Dogg. After the grim Donald Trumpe, like a sad clown, before pretending to shoot with a fake revolver in a clip lavender Snoop decided to celebrate the middle of his way, pointing to the White House with a huge stamp in his mouth. A fraudsters called the Instagram account a crime that was more fun than protest.

"What will the dog do? Sister on a tree?"

Snoop's little journey starts with a video clip in which a child from Long Beach says he wants "do gangster stuff"In front of the White House:"What will the dog do? Sister on a tree? Or maybe you're smoking a big joint, " before attracting his followers, for example, his post: "If 20,000 females click on the button "Like" less than three minutes, I go to the White House to do this ".

Then we follow a series of videos where we see Dogg ride in our SUV, put our buttocks on the public bench, talk with the passerby and smoke their joints along the road in the federal capital. The latest video showing the "Snoop", which is always connected in the corner of the beak, is pleased to have a small challenge: "de back to my hotel room, I mate Netflix"We have not seen such protests since the Cuban Revolution." Snoop story is found below:

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