Monday , July 4 2022

Slide / Waste: Fez is the leading sorting center in Africa


The discovery with a big pomp this Monday from the town of Fes city's municipal waste sorting center. Offshore environments and services groups that are initiated by a waste collection management delegation are the first of its kind in Morocco and Africa. With the German technique for the partially automatic sorting and recycling of waste, the center needed 54 million investment DH. "Our project meets the expectations of the National Household Waste Program, developing a sorting, recycling and energy recovery industry," says Aziz Group CEO Aziz El Badraoui. In his opinion, this unit is part of the company, Fes commune and BMCE.

The area of ​​6 hectares with a capacity of 300 tonnes, increasing to 500 tonnes of waste per day and an expected regeneration level of 28.2%, has led to 50 direct and 200 indirect workplace safety and health conditions. "In addition, at least 32 roller skates will integrate the workforce after training," says Ozon's boss. He added: "The impact and cost-effectiveness of this pilot project goes beyond the environmental aspect and also contributes to economic development."

In an effort to provide high quality and efficient processing tools, the group chose to entrust the center equipment to German professionals, one of the world's leaders in waste recovery and renewable energy. Note that the inauguration of this center took place in the presence of several foreign delegations, including from Africa, Europe and the Middle East, in addition to local authorities and Moroccan players susceptible to sustainable development and citizens' actions such as Rachid El Ouali, Mohamed Azzam and Naima Ilyas


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