Monday , March 1 2021

Roofing: VAR experience

It is clear that football, which is the excellence of contact sports, poses great challenges to the accuracy of the outcome of the match. Everywhere there will be something to say in a very popular discipline around the world. We can say that we swear by this sport because it is believed to be from humans. Intellectuals are thinking differently, emphasizing that it is about "human opium". That is, it is used to "mass the masses". This means that it is a sport that attracts millions of people around the world, as practically all of them are practicing it. However, it also notes arbitration mistakes that make the technical results of football matches unstable. Therefore, some judges simply "buy" the most "friqué" clubs. And that only reinforced the suspicion, as well as the appeals brought by the teams that had been the abusive conduct of some "cleavage" arbitrators, even if it was not necessary to generalize, eliminating the stigmatization of the entire corporation judges around the world. It is true that this practice, in which we see, every weekend, has had injured teams, and its "injuries" have reached unreliable thresholds. In order to prevent the rising marasmus from arbitration, it was believed to be helped by "video observation", now called "LA VAR". This is used for European championships. Controversial or otherwise, video surveillance is used to avoid suspicion. This method consists of a "cell" that is well positioned in the stadium to closely follow the "replay" meeting, where we can see every detail of the action "controversial". There, we can eliminate the doubts or correct the mistakes made by the judges. As seen, we can be easily wrong, and this has been on a number of occasions. With this video surveillance, we will help to better "fight" against arbitration mistakes. They are also shaken by their own mistakes if they want to deceive or not. It is true that sometimes even with "VAR" can not erase an error or "false" so much television activity that does not do anything. For this reason, many errors could not be solved. This means that during the last World Cup that took place in Russia in 2018, it was used with flying colors, even if some errors, especially with the French team, could not be canceled. Even with "VAR" they were confirmed when they were to be rejected at the end of the French and Croatian term. Griezzman's free kick was imaginary (simulation) and a penalty kick, as it is a bomb that affects the Croatian player's forearm. In Algeria, this new method was tested on the Ligue 1 match (day 14) between the MCA and USMBA 0-1 on July 5 stadium. This is very good, but we should be different. That is to say, first we start with the return of the material and place it in each Ligue1 club before the entrance examination stage. There are also men who are learning this technical youth because they are not easy to handle. Even in Europe, it's hard to apply correctly. even with Var, the 'contested objectives' were granted. In the first phase of the African Champions League, we saw how the judge was given the goal, an imaginary penalty, while VAR helped. The latter is very good, but it also has "disadvantages". It was precisely for this reason that Platini was against their application, because it removes the "soul" of the football and also weighs it a little by removing the spontaneous side. As we know, judges need a long time to make a decision. Marked the game MCA-USMBA, where the judge Benbraham was able to take too much time to decide. Moreover, he did not count the lost time. Thus, there is a lack of interest at this level.
Hamid Garbi

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