Wednesday , January 19 2022

Poland checks Huawei equipment


Poland has launched a list of inventory provided by the Chinese giant Huawei, mainly in telecommunications, on Monday, a senior official of the Ministry of Digital Economy.

This control covers both the equipment already in use and those for the next 5G network, said Karol Okonski, a cyber security agent quoted by the PAP agency.

Last week, the Polish internal security service ABW arrested Chinese, one of Huawei's directors in Poland, Weijing W. and Polish, a former member of ABW, and a member of the French telecom Orange branch, Piotr D., on charges of espionage for Beijing.

According to Okonski, the Ministry of Digital Economy is analyzing the risks associated with Huawei equipment mentioned in Poland and other NATO and EU member states.

However, he stressed that there was no link between this analysis and the two arrests.

Huawai quickly dismissed his detainee in Poland, detached from the case.

It follows the blacklist of Chinese groups in several countries and the arrest of a leading Huawei official in Canada at the request of the United States suspected of attempting to avoid sanctions against Iran.

A Polish official, Deputy Minister of Digital Economy, focuses on telecom infrastructure, not on smartphones or other terminals.

No decision on Huawei will be made, Mr Okonski said. First, it could be a cautious suggestion in relations with the Chinese group, and secondly, a decision could be made to prohibit Huawei from participating, for example, in network construction. 5G, or even its presence on the Polish market as a whole.

The question of an inspection in Poland, Hua Chunying, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, condemned "unjust accusations".

"Indeed, some people are trying to prevent and limit the development of Chinese high-tech companies abroad with unjustified accusations, mentioning the possible security risks." I think everyone knows their true intent, "he said.

The use of such arguments to "block or suppress normal business cooperation in investment will ultimately turn against the interests of those who do it," she concluded.

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