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My day with Nicolas Mathieu, price Goncourt 2018


L & # 39; Express after Nicolas Mathieu's winner this year arrived from Drouant on Wednesday to late night …

Come on, put journalists! Bernard Pivot does not say that, of course. But on Wednesday, November 7th, in Drouanta, it is already at noon. 13:30, and the president of the academy Goncourt insists that the jury should finally be left with Nicole Mathieu. Happy lucky winner, he gave his wonderful novel Their children after them, continues to smile on questions that cause photographers.

"I began to be disbelieving when my press secretary taught me news," says Loren, 40, looking for a very young person who finds something from Romaina Duris and intonations from Charles Berling. "Having taken my train this morning at 8:16 am from Nancy, I really did not know what my day was. It's a huge surprise. I think that lightning never gets twice in one place, so Goncourt could not return to the Actes Sud again this year. "

PLEASE OUR GONCOURT CRITICISTS >> Our favorite from a return to literature

If Françoise Nyssen does not exist, this is the editor of Arles House, Bertrand Py, who joins the table. He has simply ordered from the printer the famous red band and another 100,000 copies Their children after themhas already shot 40 000, half of which has been sold since the end of August. Woe is scary jury, it's time to close the Goncourt lounge door to the small committee.

"The political novel, for those people who are in the stations" nothing "…"

A good hour later, Nicolas Mathieu again appears at a press conference on the first floor of the restaurant. Then return to the salon to finish your meal – it's impossible to ignore the brie with truffles and Belle Hélène pear. But it lasts … The opportunity to get fresh air with its publisher Manuel Tricoteaux, who quickly found and published in his first novel Actes Noirs Animals are war published in 2014. Happy coincidence, the adaptation of this thriller television series Alain Tasma, whose author co-wrote the script, will eventually be broadcast in France on November 15th. Six 52-minute episodes that were taken long, but recently scheduled

"I'm glad Goncourt returns to Their children after them, a political novel, is pleased to be the publisher. He not only talks about peripheral France, but also those people who have "nothing" in the stations … "A clear reference to the controversial remarks by Emmanuel Macron, then includes the Twitter of the new Minister for Culture Franco Riester, congratulating Goncourt's winner with a" general taste "in his a book about his characters with "a little bit about each of us." Manuel Tricoteaux sees red: "What a recovery! I consider these words as cruel alienation.

Agape pulled to the Press Secretary is impatient, ironic: "They went to the digeo [digestif]or what? "Has she got a bottle, Emanuele Gaulier, when two previous Actes Sud, Eric Vuillard winners, turned" last year " Agenda and Mathias Enard on compass In 2015, Nicolas Mathieu finally comes from a restaurant, still ecstatic, with this cute smile that makes her very enjoyable. "I have to call my mother," he suddenly understands.

"So, that is, are you going to live a year like Miss France?" The question is the last. Later, his father will tell him: "I'm proud, I still have rights." No surprise from the 5th and second half Oscar, not devoted Their children after them "I was sure of that," says son on the phone. It's past at noon. At 16:00 when you ride a taxi that will return the writer back to his hotel near the Actes Sud office in the Latin Quarter. No real media marathon on this agenda in this glory, only France 2 and 20h Great bookstore for France 5.

Nicolas Mathieu will not be at the Free Book Fair this weekend, as is often the case with Goncourt winners. On Saturday, I went to the Paris Maison de la Poésie to read musically my novel with Florent Marchet for a long commitment that I want to elect. "Like the new square does not learn to give up its values ​​…

The only son of electromechanics and bookkeeper, this epinal's homeland explored the history, art history and film in Nancy and Metz. He then spent fifteen years in the capital, studying odd jobs – courses at Acadomia, consulting, managing the Paris city website, etc. "I went back to Nancy, where life is much cheaper and more convenient to write, until now I have been working at ATMO Grand-Est, an association that controls air quality. I just bought a home, my loan will be paid faster thanks to Goncourt."

His stay at the hotel leaves him little time to breathe. "I was going to shower when New York Times invited me to an interview. I had to review my biased verbs! "He was told that the Chinese press has always reiterated its rewards Humor:" There are now two well-known Mathieu in China: Mireille and me!

Yann Quéffelec Council: "Screw your price, do not listen to anyone!"

More seriously, Nicolas Mathieu's "France 2" cosmetics room expresses "peace and surprise." Without changing the shirt, it is very relaxed, always smiling, that he answers the questions of Anna-Sofia Laplace for 20h. This will also be one of Great bookstore, where Yann Queffélec, 69, another Goncourt Prize, 1985 Barbara's wedding, recommends: "Watch your price, do not listen to anyone!"

It's already 11:20 when we come to the Actes Sud cocktail in honor of his laureate. Nicolas Mathieu greets Francoise Nyssen Angels, and all patients who are anticipated patiently welcomed, including Lorentz Gaude, the first author of the house, who won Goncourt in 2004, with Scorta sun. Champagne flowing, music rises to power: Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Rita Mitsouko … The best hits of the 90s, paying tribute to those who are missing out Their children after them.

But at noon 1:00 Nicolas Mathieu really has no energy to jiggle. He willingly keeps the next day, starting at noon. 7:50 French Inter, before other intervention here and there. "You will see that the taxi is great," says his press secretary. Smile again and again

Nicolas Mathieu with Anne-Sophie Lapix after 2nd November, November 7th.

Nicolas Mathieu with Anne-Sophie Lapix after 2nd November, November 7th.

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