Saturday , April 1 2023

Morning – Marrakesh Declaration, unanimous commitment to road safety


After three days of fruitful debate, the work of the first African Road Safety Forum has prompted Marrakesh's ratification. Welcoming the exchange rate in this first edition, Benacer Boulayouul, Permanent Secretary of the National Accident Prevention Committee, said he was proud to have received almost 70 countries and hundreds of people from around the world. in all. "I am pleased with the interest given to the various topics discussed in this concert and are very pleased with the Marrakesh Declaration," he said in the morning. Mr Boulaajoul explained that the declaration was based on three main strands. It is the institutional management of road safety, in the sense that the ministers took part in the forum, emphasizing the importance of giving the government the road safety by setting up structures or agencies dedicated to this. topic

But also the implementation of national road safety strategies, the reorganization of infrastructure and the modernization of the legal arsenal that regulates road safety in various continental countries. Participants also urged governments to mobilize the necessary human and financial resources to implement their national strategies. The second is road safety in cities, including the role of vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and bicycles. Finally, the last axis is linked to the establishment of the African Road Traffic Safety Observatory. (See our article of 17 November 2018). In addition, the first edition of the African Road Traffic Safety Forum also featured the first African Road Safety Festival. The festival, which won the Grand Prix for the Ugandan and Swedish films Cycologic, while Moroccan films "Cicatrices" and "Snapshot" produced by CNPAC won the "Communication" and "Youth" prizes. According to Mr Boulaajoul, this first successful African Road Traffic Safety Forum project, "The second edition of the second edition in 2019, will shortly be followed by the World Bank's Transport Policy Program for Africa. Of course, this will happen in 2019 in another African country, not Morocco," said Mr Boulaajoul.

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