Sunday , February 28 2021

Morning – Debtor Rate: Increase in MSME, Reduction for Large Businesses

The total weighted average lending rate continues to decline since the beginning of the year. In the third quarter, it was 5.35%, compared with 5.36% in the second quarter and 5.43% in 1st place, according to latest data from Bank Al-Maghrib (BAM).

Loans to private persons declined to 5.79%, compared to 6.09% quarter on quarter. Those granted to large companies declined to 4.67% in the second quarter compared to 4.72%. On the other hand, loans granted to enterprises and TPME, their prices have been valued. Thus, the debtors' rate paid to companies increased to 5.18% as compared to 5.12% in April-June. MSMEs recorded a rate of 5.93% in the third quarter, compared with 5.78% quarter-on-quarter.

After the economic entity, prices fell by 35 basis points (base points) to 4.94% for equipment loans, from 15 basis points to 5.34% for real estate loans and from 25 basis points to 6.32%. % of consumer loans, "says BAM. On the other hand, funds grew by 7 basis points (to 5.27%).

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