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JSK: Dumas prepared 2 plans


The first Kabyle technical bar manager has finished preparing for today's shock to USMA. It seems that before she can have two options to ruin the leader and try to conquer three victory points. .

After a hectic week, put it on the field! This time from the side of Medouar there will be no contradiction in hindering the plans of 22 participants who really follow each other in the Green Bologhine rectangle. Frank Dumas, though upset, did not allow his players to enter this story and were able to concentrate them entirely on the meeting and nothing else. We can say that after a couple of days in order to properly prepare the game, the French technician will have time to do all that is needed to create a team that can score three points and leave the ball. "The USMA season is for the first time. In this respect, it seems that Dumai has two options for this game. Some will say that he knows very well how to hide his game and is always surprised at his decisions.

4-3-3 with Belkacemi will be blocked by Meftah and Cherifi

The first Canary Island game plan this late afternoon, a classic system that is often used in the Canary Islands at home with 4-3-3. If he accepted this strategy, then the trainer could have been at the start of the Massinis Tafni Service, as the place would be Belkacemi, who developed into a deal just to intervene in the USMA affair. In addition, it is one of the drawbacks of Rouge et Noir in the first half of this sport season. The son would be on the left side and Hammura on the right side. The advantage of this strategy is that it allows us to block malleable sides, which is one of the strengths of the team with Meftah, Benmoussa or Cherif. But this is not the only option.

With Tafni 4-4-2, fewer places and more balls belong

However, the second option is the yellow and green technique to return to the more classic model 4-4-2. In this variant, Tafni will be in place of Belkacemi; Son and Hamron would be the highest. The model that was already used during the game against MOB, but JSK did not answer for a solid victory this day. Thus, Dumasam seems to have two schemes, but did not leave anything to look at, hoping to surprise his opponent and make them accumulate three valuable points during the trouble and take Ligue 1 Mobilis first place.

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Possible team

Salhi, Belaïli (Ait Abdeslam), Chetti, Saadou, Tizi Bouali, Benkhelife, Bukhanchouoche, Oukaci, Hamroune, Tafni (Belkacemi), Sonny

Final session yesterday evening at. 10:00

JSK players saw in stage 1 yesterdayst-Novembri on their last training session before confronting USMA this afternoon. The opportunity for the coach Duma to make the last touch of his starting line-up and use his strategy to await this shocking shock that everyone hopes to wait for them to entertain.

Departure from Algeria yesterday evening at 14h

When the workout was completed, the players had lunch and 14 hours before the stadium was in the direction of Algiers against the Rouge et Noir game.

Hirondelle hotel is green

Once Algiers is in, the Cabs will get to the Hirondelle Hotel in the direction of the green. The hotel is located in the municipality of Bordj El Kiffan, where the Canary Islands have their own habits this season, as they stagger in this setting every time they play in the capital.

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Mellal Boukhanchouche:

"This is your game"

The meeting should be such that Boukhanchouche returns to the beginning. The president spoke to him and told his family that he relied on him to help win the team.

Call off Almost a month, the kabyle player will welcome a great return to today's game against USMA. A return that everyone waits for while the player has spent a lot of time talking about him from the pitch. This afternoon he will speak loud and clear on the Omar-Hamadi lawn. Some people have huge expectations for Boukahchouche's performance in this game. This is the case of President Cherif Mellas, because according to some cases of negligence, the Cabil boss can talk to his player and pick him up: "I rely on you for this game, that's yours." That is, the confidence he is the chairman of the Canary Islands to do a great game and try to get the most out of the expected. His role in this selection will be decisive, as he can ask the meeting individually by touching a ball, strike or head.

Rehabilitation game

It should be noted that the player is not well survived his recent abnormalities. Without making any noise, he took over the group, and since then he continues to attend the training until he manages to find a place in the coach's eyes. In addition, the rehabilitation meeting of this player, which announced us recently: "I will show my true face. I opened a new page and I will talk about football and nothing else." A statement that a person will have to prove Bologhine with good performance.

Fans thoroughly behind

In the last few weeks, Boccaccio was able to rely on fan support. Now he is more than ever committed to thank the fans who supported it in their own way, and it's the main player in JSK and who can lead the team up and succeed. It can be said that he will pay a little to his supporters; he is about to show what he can do for his team today. The ball is in his camp.

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Designed for the meeting

Ghorbal will not be wrong

Waiting for this meeting and after that, the CFA has appointed experienced judges in this part: it is Ghorbal. The high pressure on a man is black because he is not wrong.

USMA – JSK is a shock to the straight line of this last season. This poster requires high-quality arbitrage; CFA thought about it and chose one of the best judges in the country, Ghorbal, who is with Abid Charef and the most experienced brothers in Bekoussa. This decision is not coincidental with what happened to international Abid Charef and his unsuccessful Champions League first round. Ghorbal was appointed to lead Egypt-Tunisia games, but eventually the CAF replaced him. Therefore, he was entrusted with this meeting. However, here too, his performance will be heavily monitored and analyzed. There is so much to say that this champion's meeting will not make a mistake in the black man.

Mistake him would cause much

In one way or another, the Ghorbal error will not be allowed. Damage caused by Abid Charef's heritage, here it is that an explosive shock between the two first in this classification is received from the hands; he will absolutely need to leave a perfect service so he would not be in trouble, because an error can harm him and cause him a lot. So he knows that he needs the maximum focus in this game and make sure everything goes fine in this explosive game between the leader and his dolphin.

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Mellas addresses the president in a cartel and apologizes to others …

Yesterday evening, JSB's management published two press releases on its official website on social networks. The first is President Mellal, who directly attacks the President's cartels who, in his opinion, manage the opening of the championship. The boss of the cube seems to be more determined than ever to fight those who try to distort the race and do everything they need to get everything back. He also returns to certain allegations and apologizes to club presidents, ensuring that it only applies to three or four members of the cartel concerned and controls all organizations managing our football from CRL, CFA, CD-LFP and , of course, the program. Mellal acknowledged his mistakes and made corrections.

… And honors USMA fans

The second press release published on the club's website was the honor that President Mellal paid USMA supporters for the compassion that the club received from the Rouge et Noir gallery. The first JSD leader failed to remember that these two galleries are known for fair play and their commitment is only to support their respective teams; he plays at the same time so that today's party would not be spoiled by some parachutes trying to sow disagreements. Call for a relief and fair game to play the game only in the field and nowhere else.

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Son: "In this game we will bring it with the heart"

International Burma, Fiston, who did not meet the last team play against MCO, is about to return to the competition. During this scandal, the JSK attacker admits that the players were slightly disturbed by LFP's permanent remnants who want to stop Cuban forces. However, the player thinks he and his teammates are pointing to three Clasico points. "Although we are disturbed by this debate and unceasing balances, but we are still maintaining concentration. Our goal is to win this game on Friday, and we have not foreseen any other result except victory." I am disturbed and I do not know why we touch a little on our self-esteem and this story motivates we are careful and hearty to play this game to get three points and show them that despite all that has happened we are there and nobody can break us up, it's true that we are just players, but in these situations we must be fighting past. "

"We are well prepared for this meeting"

Continuing his announcements, Fiston says the team worked well during this period, and all players are focused on their subject. "Since the start of the season, the team has been formal and all players are focused on this game, the coach has pushed us out of pressure, and he is asking us every time to stay focused and continue to work, as usual, in the world."

"Even without Uche, we can win"

As we reported in a previous edition, Uche does not affect this game against the suspension of USMA. "I'm going to do my utmost to make Ubec's inconvenience, even if Uche is not there, we will do our best to achieve our goals." JSK is a group and we are all good players, even if I'm not there or Uche, there's the whole team, and whoever will replace him, me Ghilas or Hamroun will be able to win against USMA.

"I'll be away from NAHD and CSC"

As everyone knows, Fiston has been chosen in his country's choice, JSK player missed Tuesday's game against NAHD. The player and during his statement inform us that even in the case of CSC matches, he will not be present due to a visa problem. "I will not be there on Tuesday against NAHD, but Uche will return (laughter). I value USMA and leave him a recipe. Even for a game that is delayed against the CSC for 19. I did not vote, I have a visa problem that I have I must go to Uganda to renew my visa, and I think I will return on 21 or 22 November, "he said.

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Duel for the classic game

Tonight, meetyou at Bologhine

After many controversial days, supplemented by noisy announcements and ultimate decisions, the reason was true of stupidity. At Oran-Hamadi Stadium at. 17.45 eventually one of the most anticipated "Ligue 1 Mobilis" national championship Clasico will be held. Undoubtedly, the USMA-JSK games will be sold out, and thousands of round balls around the country will follow interest, but also interest in meeting disobedience, such as no one else on the small screen. The game was a lot of ink, and after the premiere – especially the green rectangle – the eyes on the field will be focused on the hope of attending a worthy game that will guide your dolphin. It is clear that these two teams were disturbed by events, but we were in a relationship with them, and the sheer psychological work done by both coaches (Froger and Dumas) allowed both team players to return to the sports track to focus on a game with huge rates. A hard-won victory over Cabels will allow them to step up their leadership, transfer up to 6 points to their opponent and especially open the title of winters champion. But in front of them there will be a mountain to climb. The Djordjur Mountains team has never been the best in recent years.

Aim: leadership and supremacy

JSK, which has lost its leading position, that it has been firmly defending since the beginning of the season, will address this issue.e confrontation between two clubs. The Canary Islands are not goldsmiths and walk in the Bologhine Hall with the intention of winning, so that they can regain control in anticipation of the resumption of their personal property during the upgrade of the calendar and their game is delayed by the CSC. All of these ingredients promise a great sporting struggle for the green rectangle, where each team will see the benefits of the meeting. We are very courageous at the Usma camp, but since the beginning of the season, we expect a tough confrontation with the unending adversary. Coach Froger will have his entire contingent on his hands, with the exception of Sayoud, whose absence, most likely, does not break the Game of the Red and Black, as this player is not really an undisputed element. Kabila's side, Dumas will speak without the help of his striker Uche, who has been stopped, and his midfielder Benjuxfou, rescued when he returns from injury. However, the coach will also use other winning cards, and his only goal is to achieve the beautiful operation that the Canaries have accomplished since the start of the current task. Go to Bologhine tonight.

Illyes Nassim

For the bosses

Serrar-Mellal: The Canary Islands leads to the points

This eleventh USMA-JSK began well a few weeks ago. It will be played in a specific situation after there will be no friendly exchanges between the leaders of both clubs, General Manager of USMA Abdelhakim Serrar and JSK Chérif Mellal. But you need to know that things can start as best as possible. The two men have a relationship that is far from hostile just a month ago. We remember the president of JSK Mellal had submitted to Serrar a proposal that this game will be played on July 5th. "If we sign a contract with Serra, we will meet USMA and the league on July 5th," he said. Mellal's proposal was encouraged by Serrara's answer, saying that his team is ready to play at the Olympic Stadium. "CElijah who does not accept such suggestions would mean that he is small or his team is smaller, USMA does not. To return to your question, I would say that I personally do not see any problems, "said the Usmist boss. Eventually, the supply dropped into the water, and from there was a battlefield threaded. Then there was a history of programming and deprogramming, then Clasico USMA-JSK reprogrammed For the moment, after some steps, it's Mellal who leads to the points. This means that Serrars does not say his last name. He gave him the appointment of a green rectangle to achieve a final recovery. .

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Froger – Dumas: Reunification in Algeria 11 years later

USMA-JSK will also have a duel of technicians; Both are in French and after the Algerian fight in the French Ligue 2 a little more than 11 years ago. Indeed, Thierry Froger and Franck Dumas had experience in various clubs in the French Championship. Usmiste became the head of the Stade de Reims, when in the 2006-2007 season, France Ligue 2 reached the coach of Canari, Stade Malherbe de Caen. On the first leg, it was Froger with Reims, who received Damu with Caen. The game ended with a draw game (2-2). Dumas, on the other hand, won the best Froger with 2 goals for 1, three days at the end. The victory of the SM Caen 1st League. Also in 2006/07 In the season, these two men faced each other in the League Cup, and this time it was Froger, who scored the goal to zero. It will be the fourth confrontation between the two technicians, but this time in another context and another championship. At the moment, this is an ideal match for winning, draws and losses for each coach. In this new duel, the USM Algerian coach wants to keep up the momentum of victory and, in particular, to maintain a leading position. JS Kabylie coach Franz Dumm, who will try to win or, at worst, not miss the team this season, will have the same goal. As for the postponement of this meeting, the coach did not think. He stated that this situation has turned his work plan upside down; he wondered at these big reports every time. "We've had 18 days of no competition, it's a long time and pressure for players who are out to play games. There have to be reasons for having a game, and I wonder why we postpone the game," the coach said in the Canary Islands.

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Zemmamouche – Salhi: The weight of the match on the shoulders

If you have two good teams that play great football and the results are great, you have to look for information that makes them. USMA and JSK do not look far. Both goalkeepers Zemmamouche and Salhi are really active; when they are in their day, they are practically impossible. Usmiste lost some game injuries, but played 720 minutes in 8 games. He did not answer the games against CABBA, JSS and ASAM and the 10 gates recognized by the defense masters, the Earth had to find only 6 networks at the back. In front of us we also have a high-quality goalkeeper. JSK's results this season are easy to say, mostly due to the international performance of Abdelkader Salhi. Unlike his opponent's day, Chlef's child played every game in his team. He has 990 minutes in 11 games and is better than Zemmamouche because he played several games and took away the smaller goal. Thanks to him, JSK is the best defender of the championship with 5 goals, which was recognized in 11 games. It is clear that both men will have to cover their weight playing on their shoulders. Zemma and Salhi are undoubtedly the main keys of the match.

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Chafaï – Fiston: Match in the game

If we can talk about a game in the game, it will surely be a duel, which is the best goalkeeper for Burundi's best international scorer Abdul Razak Fiston, one of the best defenders of the national championship, Farouk Chafaï. These two elements will want to shine more than others, because they know that their respective performances could be decisive in the end result. Fiston knows Bologhine well and it's not MCA who will say the opposite. He had got the goal and decided to turn to the Mouloudia neighboring stadium where he had bearings. But his mission will not be a part of joy. Chafa will do everything to fight it, and Usmiste has never been enough to defend; he is still looking for his first goal in the league, who often concludes the exercises with at least three achievements. This will be the first dollar in the dollar ahead of the bullet. So, the difficulty of giving one of the two before the meeting; but one thing is safe, it will be the game's most followed game.

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In class

Benguit – Benkhelife: PAC School "Ben"

Paradou AC offers excellent players for various national championships teams. USMA and JSK are pretty damaged, offering two players in the middle of the field with intrinsic qualities. If Abderauf Benguit is in the Rouge et Noir colors for the third season, then Tahar Benkhelife is the best deal Kabyle executives hire in the summer transfer window. Raouf Benguit and Tahar Benkhelife are two centers and major craftsmen from the excellent course of their teams in the first part of the season. Both players are from the same school, from Paradou AC, but they compete in competing clubs. All the specialists do not miss the opportunity to celebrate both players who are still the best midfielder of the championship. Both Ben will have a lot to do and their respective groups will surely be motivated in this confrontation to provide the best possible result. It should be noted that this season Benguit and Benkhelife are two of the most common players. Usmiste has played in 11 games played by his team, but with less time than his opponent, since he was replaced with a game of 894 minutes in minutes. This is a player who not only roll the balls. He has scored three goals so far. For his part, the Canary Islands has accumulated 990 games in minutes, he was on the field in 11 yellow and green races. Although he was not able to achieve the goal, he is still an important element in the middle section of the Kabyle team.

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The environment

Boukhanchouche – Chita: irregular and regular

The USMA-JSK game should be able to return to the former international Salim Boukhanchouche in the middle of the Canary Islands. Boukhanchouche should use the unavailability of Benyoucef, which his coach had cured because of his last trauma. If the Duma decides to start her, Merouana's child will return to the race after 70 days, not playing in the game. The last time Boukhanchouche was housed, it was 4e per day, from JSK to Batna to the front of AS Aïn-M & # 39; lila. Walking in 258 minutes, he is one of the worst players in the Canary Islands. Contrary to this, there will be a player who has come to the center of the USMA, despite the enormous competition prevailing in the presence of players such as Benkhemassa, Koudri, Benguit and other Osama Chita. The latter should go in his place without the slightest problem. This is one of the things Froger relied heavily on the field. Former Mouloudean, who has evolved, has forced coaches usmiste to review their game strategy. He skillfully manages the midfielder despite the lack of Mohamed Benkhemass, staying on the side since the first leg against the Al-Masry CAF section.

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Ibara – Tizi-Bouali : colossus and wall

He has not finished his 21 years, but it does not stop her from compulsion and becomes an important element of JSK's defense. This is the new Bilal Tizi-Bouali that composes Saâdou with the Canary Islands central hinge. Tizi-Bouali is a deserving successor to Escalade Belkalem, who wins the JSK's central defense with the benefits of the last exit. However, Tizi-Ouzou's child will face a real test this afternoon tonight. On the way to Bologhine, in order to face the Championship leader, the Axial Defender will have a lot to do with the Colosseum Center, which runs forward from the USMA Prince Ibara. The Congolese international organization has shown great things and does not need an adaptation period to show its ambitions in the Algerian Championship. Although he made only eight seemingly usmist colors, Congo is a huge goalie. 490 minutes after the presence in the field Ibara scored 6 goals – 1 goal every 81 minutes, that is, the goal is smaller than the meeting. If, unlike Chafaï-Fiston, it is clear that the duel Ibara-Tizi-Bouali will miss the shock.

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Meftah – Four: defenders attackers

Clasico is a special game featuring USMA defender Mohamed Rabie Meftah. Even though the last name is closely linked to the Algerian team, since his colors have been more than seven years old, however, JS Kabylie is still a club that has increased it. Harmful, Meftah is back at the right moment as he needs to re-open his position on the right. We know that he has remedies, but Froger attacks him. Meftajam will have a twofold task: to offer target prospects to his members and also to remove the left side of JSK Ilyes Chetti, a defender who is often attacked. The good side of the USMA, that is, the JSK to the left, is the brightest part of the terrain. Note that Meftah has been used a lot for recurring injuries this season, but Chetti has played every game in his team.

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Meziane – Belaïli: separate missions

These two players play in the field with the same mission, but in contrast to Chetti, Belaïli is more likely to be a defender. The former Belouizdadi will be one of the front faces of the huge attackers, in front of the Twirling Meziane. Last, in addition to his excesses and millimeter centers, he faces an acute aim. Belaïli is called to be very vigilant so as not to endanger the entire defense system.

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Oukaci – Yaya: Beginner and Expert

Already Oukaci is part of the JSK baby bottle class. Guard is one of the most used trainer Dumas and he does it well. After 22 years he is the JSK's future in defense, but it still has some way to go. For experienced players like Yaya, the Canary Islands will have to go through a big game to hope to win. Oukaci played all his team's 11 games and it's held this afternoon, while Fawzi Yaya was intermittent. But in the absence of Sayoud and the possible Bauderbal penalty, he should be titled to promote red and black games.

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The best attack for the best defense

USM Alger, who stays in seven games without a shot, plans to maintain this speed and matches the eighth game with a positive result. Red and black will get their attacks that emit fire. With 24 goals in 11 games, it has an average of more than two goals in each game. However, in front of the USMA attack there will be a team with a little money. Indeed, JS Kabylie is still a tough opponent. This is the only team that has not conceived since the start of the season. The green and yellow strength is in its protection, which is still waterproof. With five goals, it's recognized that only four teams managed to mislead Salhi alertness. The attackers of the usmist will face a real test. JS Kabylie, who has been left without playing for almost three weeks, has been delayed. Will this situation not affect the performance of an adult team?

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JSK won 6 times in Bologhine

Rouge et Noir is uncompromising at home this season. Four of the games played at the Bologhine Stadium were full of four wins and 14 goals. Four successes were obtained after a great result. 3 gate against DRBT, CABBA, ASAM and 5 against MOB. The Canary Islands are winning the Omar-Hamadi Stadium. This is a stadium that is often successful for JS Kabylie, whose last trip in this area was the overall success of MCA this season. Even against the USMA, the Cavalry won Bologhine six times. La première, c'était en Division 2 lors de la saison 1968-1969 in the Canaries Division of the Impossible (1-0), Junior at the gym 1970-1971 in première division (2-1). The Les Kables has an enchanting deux succession for 74-75 and 75-76 correspondence (3-0) and (3-1). For the first time, I went to the jumbo-jet tour of the Emirates to Bologhine (1-0) in the summer of 1981-1982, and I was awarded the second prize in the honor of the Omar-Hamadi in 1988. -1989 sur le score de 3 bets à 1.

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La JSK boasts 1,000 billets pour ses fans

Le match the phare de la phase aller C'est the only qu'est décrit ce choc entre l'USMA and JSK, qui aura pour theater at Omar-Hamadi de Bologhine. Do not be afraid of someone who is not a freelancer to pour a cause!

Les deux premiers du classement s'affronteront et celui qui en sortira vainqueur preendra une option pour titre honorifique de champion d'hiver. Maintenant, you will be able to reach your supporters at JSK by joining Alger at the Rencontre Assistant, which will take you to the renowned hotel in the morning. Les dirigeants kabyles voulaient au minimum 1,000 billets, une demande qui est logique puisque le stade Bologhine peut contenir 10.000 supporters that quand on site que les fans visiteurs peuvent avoir droit à 10% des capacités du stade cela tombe sous le sens.

I do not care about it

Maintenant, on the way to the main street of the Saint-Eugène Ensemble, you will not miss the ceremony at the end of the season. You do not have to worry about going to bed and drink and drinking something else. Les fans, kabiles se sont déjà mobilisés pour assurer une grande présence au stade omar-hamadi.

Serrar: "Les Kables auront 800 places comme tous les autres"

Cette rencontre sera suivie for beaucoup de monde. For the ailleurs, supporters of the JSK will be able to dive en masse for the sake of your luck, with the Omar-Hamadi risque in the middle of the tropic exigent for the tournament. There are a number of fans at the JSK, which will give you 800 plus bouillons for the rencontre d'aujourd'hui, and we will be pleased to welcome you to the venues of the Rouge and Noir au cours de cette saison. . C'est Serrar en personne qui nous l'avait dit il y a quelques jours: «La JSK aura 800 places, comme toutes les autres équipes.»

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Le match pourrait dépendre de leurs performances

Belaïli – Chetti, l'une des clés de la victoire à Bologhine

Comme chaque rencontre a sa clé, pour la JSK, pourrait bien que celle-ci viendra de la performance des deux latéraux.

Le coach a éloigné ses joueurs de la pression et les a mis dans les meilleures conditions pour bien aborder la rencontre sans grosse pression sur les épaules. In the context of this, I would like to remind you that, in the context of the confrontation genre in the area of ​​democracy, I would like to congratulate you,

certains paramètres ont toujours fait la différence. It is worth your visit to the JSK, and you will be welcome to visit Belaïli and Chetti. Titulaires indiscutables and cadres de l'équipe, the font is different from the différence, comme de l'écouce du méxico, on the cheat side of the mall, but on the Belaïli faces of the Medea. This is a great place to go and get the most out of your day. Ces deux éléments pourraient bien être la clé de la victoire à Bologhine. You will receive a plan to offend you, and you will receive a certificate of approval from the licensor, or you will receive a plan for a refund.

Des duels qu'il faudra gagner

Au cours de cette rencontre, il faudra également gagner les duels et les deux joueurs vont être bien servis par les deux latéraux d'en face ou encore par les attaquants usmistes. On the penny, notamment à Abderrahmane Meziane, the danger numéro 1 sur les ailes. The serie intéressant de voir ce qui va se passer. De même pour Bouderbal et Yaya, qui vont venir titiller Chetti et Belaïli pour les mettre en difficulté. Dans ce sens, Dumas pourrait leur donner des consignes strictes pour bloquer les couloirs de l’USMA et éviter qu’Ibara ou Hamia ne reçoivent des ballons exploitables. Une chose est sûre, Chetti et Belaïli seront mis à contribution, et il faudra bien répondre présent.

  1. Z.

JSK, l’heure de faire sauter le verrou de l’USMA à Bologhine

Pour cette prochaine rencontre entre les deux premiers au classement, une statistique retient l’attention. Le leader présente l’avantage de n’avoir jamais perdu cette saison à domicile ; même pas de match nul. Rien que des victoires et très souvent sur des scores lourds. Le MOB et le DRBT peuvent en témoigner d’ailleurs. Cependant, la JSK ne manque pas d’ambition ; on veut tout faire pour aller chercher un bon résultat et faire durer la série de 11 matchs sans défaite. Pour y parvenir, il n’y pas 36 solutions : il faudra gagner et faire sauter le verrou de Omar-Hamadi, forteresse imprenable depuis l’entame de la saison. Le petit point qui joue en faveur des Canaris, c’est le fait que les joueurs ont déjà gagné à Omar-Hamadi face au MCA. Donc, ils connaissent parfaitement le terrain et ont des repères sur lesquels s’appuyer pour ne pas se retrouver en difficulté. C’est dire qu’après avoir battu le MCA et l’ESS chez eux, les Jaune et Vert veulent faire de même en allant chercher un autre succès face aux grosses cylindrées.

Difficile, mais pas impossible

La mission ne sera certes pas du tout facile pour les Kabyles face à une équipe compacte qui a atteint son rythme de croisière, mais ce n’est également pas impossible, car si la JSK parvient à bien rentrer dans son match, elle peut faire mieux que résister et pourrait même prétendre à la victoire. Les joueurs ont les cartes en main et nul besoin de motivation ; il suffira d’aller gagner une nouvelle bataille, celle de Bologhine.

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