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Independence Day: throne-human symbiosis, which signed the end of the protectorate


Morocco this Sunday celebrates the Independence Day of the Kingdom, which mentions the history of the history of 18 November 1955 for the father of the nation, late His Majesty Mohammed V, announcing the end of the Protectorate and the release of the Father.

"We are pleased to announce the end of the custody and protectorate regime and the emergence of freedom and independence," said Late SM Mohammed V, in front of a crowd who invaded the Hassan Mosque's Rabat Esplanade.

Indeed, proclamation of the independence of the kingdom was a glorious struggle against the bright epoque of colonialism, written in favor of the secular article between the throne and the people, which was marked by the victims and the heroes remained in the history of history.

The throne-human symbiosis has finally triumphed, opening the way to a free, modern Morocco, boasting its history, being open to modernity and striving for a better future. In addition, the liberation hero, late King Mohammed V, announcing the release of the Nation from the protectorate's leech, had put forward a course with a statement full of meaningful, dreamy and experienced words: "The fate of Moroccan small jihad to engage in the great Jihad."

The great "jihad" is nothing more than modernization, state consolidation, the completion of national unity and development. The Latera, later carried by His Majesty Hassan II and His Majesty King Mohammed VI, addressed the challenges of protecting territorial integrity and achieving sustainable development.

Independence Day is undoubtedly a celebration of the famous history of modern history, but it has a lot of hours for future generations.

The victory of the colonizer was made possible by the historic pact between the throne and people in order to serve the nation's highest interests. A righteous and legitimate cause, while symbiosis between the throne and the people and the great patriotic commitment to protecting the constitution of the nation, was the key to this great epic that led to Morocco.

The national symbol of exile, the late SM Mohammed V, his warrior SM Hassan II and the royal family on August 20, 1953, the Moroccan people's response was not long. And for a legitimate reason, attacking the symbols of the nation, the colonizer touched the constituents of the Moroccan people and their sacred values, and consequently all Moroccan dignity. Subsequently, a total mobilization was adopted and a fierce patriotic struggle was organized to raise the question of the legitimate Sovereign Motherland.

It was a miraculous symbiosis between the king and the people, which eventually dented the foundations of the protectorate and took the last colonial troops from the land of Morocco, and which on November 6, 1975, made it possible to complete the territorial integrity and the recovery of our southern provinces in the magnificent green March. And it is always symbiotic between the people and their rulers, His Majesty, King Mohammed VI, which will enable Morocco to address the problems of the development, modernization and the rule of law and the devotion to democracy.

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