Monday , February 6 2023

Implementation GMT +1 .. El Othmani says he is "optimistic"


Dialogue with various partners will continue to take all necessary steps to adopt GMT + 1, Thursday in Rabat, Head of Government Sa√Ędeddine El Othmani, announcing the establishment of a mechanism for evaluating and following up this decision. Speaking at the opening of the Government Council, El Othmani said that, in addition to the dialogue launched by the Minister for Public Education, Vocational Education, Higher Education and Education with Parents and Guardians Associations, as well as with the private sector, a similar dialogue with the economic and social partners will be launched in a timely manner the necessary decisions will be made. He also pointed out that the "evaluation and monitoring mechanism" involving several relevant ministries would be institutionalized and stable, emphasizing the government's desire to continue this process and take the necessary additional measures while listening to citizens and businesses.

El Othmani said in a statement from the head of government that he is "optimistic" about the outcome of all these measures.

It also announced that, starting next Monday, school hours will be changed by delaying the arrival hour (from 8:00 to 9:00), according to the official statement of the Ministry of Education. National education, noting that these changes will be supplemented by the flexibility of administration schedules.

A Member who amend the decree on administrative hours will be published this week in an official bulletin, El Othmani said. In addition, the Head of Government mentioned many indicators included in last week's official reports, including a 0.6% reduction in unemployment compared to the same period last year, according to the High Commission for the Plan (HCP). Reaffirming the government's desire for better performance in this area, El Othmani highlighted the convergence of factors that allowed this result to be achieved. He also addressed the increase in foreign direct investment, which at the end of September amounted to 27 billion dirhams, compared with 25 billion in 2017, and the improvement of the business environment, thus allowing the national economy "to have a fairly good door" to achieve better performance. In this regard, the head of government stressed "the need to face difficulties with bold hope and optimism, using a positive vision of the future."

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