Three people died and three more zinc-digestive and pre-mining cities near Jerusalem were killed on Wednesday. An accident happened "in a traditional gallery operated by a cooperative with a license," – added local authorities on Tuesday to the official agency MAP. According to the same source, an investigation into the causes of the collapse has been initiated.

Last week, two accidental deaths were already embedded in the city of Jerad, which earlier this year sported its own social protest movements caused by tragically abandoned wells. At the end of December, two brothers were buried in decommissioning and two or more casualties occurred in similar circumstances in the following two months.

As a struggle for the unions' struggle in Morocco, Mr Jared has deeply influenced his elimination of his main business in the late 1990s by closing a large coal mine, employing some 9,000 people.

Since the closure of the Charbonnages du Maroc mine, which was considered unprofitable, hundreds of men continue to risk their abandoned wells in order to traditionally obtain coal and sell it to local traders who are called locally. barons and trading licenses.

Accidental deaths at the end of 2017-2018. At the beginning of the year Jerada's pits raised huge protests, and city residents demanded an alternative to mines. The authorities had announced a series of measures to rebuild the local economy, promised to close the abandoned wells, submitted a transformation plan to create jobs and banned any "illegal demonstration".