Saturday , March 6 2021

Ford asks the potential buyer for a revised offer

Ford said on Tuesday that the Ford automaker, Ford, had asked on Tuesday that Punch Powerglide, a company candidate to resume its production plant in Blanquefort (Gironde), was threatened by closure to offer a "revised" offer within 10 days.

"To meet the information and consultation schedule, Ford has been asking potential buyers for a revised proposal, offer letter and business plan by November 23rd," said the US Group.

A project for the resumption of this gearbox, Punch Powerglide, has already been received by government, trade unions and local elected representatives. However, Ford once again expresses its doubts about the strength of the project and continues to support the closure of the site.

"Compared to Ford's social plan, which includes a comprehensive package of measures, we still do not believe that potential buyer plans provide a level of security and protection, or limit future job losses that we want to provide employees," says the manufacturer.

He added that he "will work with his working council on … (…)" on 28 November and will ensure that "discussions with the government will continue to support Ford".

On 15 October, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire expressed his anger against Ford, accusing him of having to shut down his plant rather than giving it to the buyer.

Philippe Poutou, the CGT delegate of the factory, also asks Ford to reconsider its position. In his view, the 400,000 employees of Blankeford's 400 employees will retain 400 jobs from the Strasbourg Punch PowerGlide Gearbox. In the case of other employees, between 300 and 350, early retirement would be possible, and from 100 to 150 Getrag Ford Transmissions (GFT Bordeaux), he said.

"The fight continues to prevent Ford from shutting down the plant," he said in a letter sent to AFP announcing action on Tuesday ahead of the factory for the last-ever meeting of the Employment Protection Plan ending December 18.

"By our means, under difficult circumstances, we are trying to force Ford to give up the idea of ​​closing the plant and agree to consider recovery," he said.

By the end of February, Ford announced that it would stop investing in its Girondina plant and look for a buyer in the Bordeaux suburb since 1972.

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