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ELIMINATION CAMERON 2019: 24 stallions from the Paulo Duarte list


ELIMINATION CAMERON 2019: 24 stallions from the Paulo Duarte list

Angels will go to Luanda on November 18th, ANALA Palanca Negras, on the fifth day of CAN-Cameroon on 2019. As a result of this meeting, National Coach Paulo Duarte published a list of 24 players for Tuesday, November 6, 2018, Ouagadougou.

24 stallions, in anticipation of the 25th name, are in line with CAN Canary Islands 2019 qualifications for the 5th and 4th day outlook. On the day they encounter Luanda Angola Palanca Negras Sunday, November 18, 2018. And just a few days before the expedition, Angelic National Coach Paulo Duarte urged the press to discuss the list and games that would look like Group I finals where none of the two bodies had the right to make mistakes in order not to secure their qualification. In fact, in the four teams there are only three teams remaining in two, and if Mauritania gets 9 points out of favor, then on the 5th day of Botswana, which is already excluded, Burkina with 7 points and Angola, which reaches 6 points, will fight for a brutal battle Luanda 11. November stadium. In this case, the horse technician from Portugal restored their confidence to virtually all drivers who had had a double race against Botswana Zebras, with the exception of three players. These are Banou Diawara injured returning game Gaborone, Bassirou Compaoré a few days ago injured in the club and Bryan Dabo. From the last, Paulo Duarte admits he is not yet satisfied because he joined the group, while pointing out that it's not the same Bryan Dabo who was in France's Montpellier today with the Fiorentina Club in Italy.
A player who, in his opinion, lacks aggression, confidence, access to the game. The national coach in his words summarizes the following words: "I do not think Bryan Dabo does anything for us." Without inviting him, Paul Duarte says he wants to make his pride. We can note that midfielder Adam Guira, who was not a member of the group for a long time, was in the group. Undoubtedly, statistics from this qualification group show that all teams (Mauritania, Burkina Faso and Angola), who are still in qualifying matches, won their home games. And what does the Stallions coach think when we know that his team is playing against a direct opponent? In this regard, Paul Duarte admits that it is just as statistically significant, because it indicates that "we do not rely on statistics because we need to harmonize". Before the last day, Burkina will have to win in order to secure a qualification, but to remain alive, is sufficiently attractive. In the event of a tournament, the stallions will no longer have their destiny in their nails. To prepare for the race, Paulo Duarte will face Portugal on Sunday, November 11, before Luanda on Thursday, November 15th, to complete the preparations.


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