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Dengue: 29 cases found by Roche Bois within four days

With regard to the spread of Dengue fever, the situation in Mauritius is alarming. In four days, Roche Bois reported twenty-four tropical fever cases. This happened after several incidents registered in the Priest Valley, Cure City and Green Plain. Another case is included in the Residence la Cure recently.

"These 29 Dengue cases were hospitalized for care and medical surveillance. Some of these repertoires have already returned home, Jameer Yeadally, Communications Officer at the Ministry of Health, said Inside News on Saturday (April 27). As for the risk of spreading across the country, he admitted: "Citizens and citizens are called upon to take responsibility. They should not be risk areas in addition to the main precautionary measures."

As regards the situation in Roche Bois, it is emphasized that part of the region is Dengue fever. Of the 29 cases identified, 25 were registered in one region of the capital region.

As a result, the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life urgently addresses the population. According to a senior minister in the ministry, it is important that people are hospitalized to get the necessary care so that their cases are not poisonous.

Jameer Yeadally reminded that a protocol was in place at the level of the Ministry of Health. "Awareness-raising campaign has been launched since last week. This campaign focuses on the precautions to be taken, the need to cover ourselves, protect ourselves against mosquito creams, use incense / sticks.he said. Jameer Yeadally also pointed out that a prevention campaign, along with a clean-up operation, with Portlu City Hall and the Ministry of Environment, as well as fumigation exercises, is also starting.

Since the appearance of Dengue in Mauritius on 26 February, 107 cases were registered.

Dengue: 29 cases found by Roche Bois within four days

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