Monday , June 5 2023

Completion of the project on the rights of autistic people to inclusive education


Researchers and professionals gathered in Rabat on Saturday to complete a project on the rights of people with autism to inclusive education at the seminar entitled "Access to Autistic People for the Right to Education is everyone's responsibility inclusive".
At the closing session of this seminar organized by Collectif Autisme Maroc in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Rights and the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Education and Training, Higher Education and Research participants emphasized the best practices in inclusive education as well as ways to enrich the textbooks developed by Moroccan education experts for key actors in this field. an area, namely a family and a teacher. They also noted that these measures include a set of mechanisms to be adopted at school to facilitate the process of integrating autistic children, and to guide teachers and teachers about how to deal with these children, while awaiting the development of a new study in this area that will guide the whole process.
Speaking about the incident, the president of the Autism Moroccan team Soumia El Amrani stressed that every school year spends complaints and suffering on children marginalized by ignorance or indifference, while their families were powerless to protect them, noting that the completed project was designed to respond to this problem and prepare some elements to solve it.
Ms El Amrani, speaking with experts and researcher, emphasized that this workshop is an opportunity to consult on the results of the May 5th meeting and the development of a joint product for the collection of scientific data in order to effectively implement the right of access to education for autistic people.

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