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CAF 2018/2019: Draw Algerian clubs


Published on 9 November 2010 at 12.43. M-A D

African Football Confederation announces the results of the AFC Championship 2018-2019. Seasons

The CAF has just changed the time of the race to move from one calendar year to the next in the season, for example in Europe.

The four Champions League clubs are in the initial round, will play on the 27th and 28th of November for the first leg and 4th and 5th December for the second round. Both Algerian clubs JS Saoura and CS Constantine is a disadvantage when moving to the second leg.

In the case of qualification, CSC in the first round may correspond to Sudan's Al Merriham.

Confederation CupUSM Bel Abbes and NA Hussein Dey, who also took part in the initial round, will act accordingly with a team from Liberia, the Liberian ship's corporate register USMBA and the Congolese black devils for NAHD.

The winner of the Algerian Cup will also have to move to the second leg. The competition will take place as a Champions League in late November and early December.

CAF Champions League

CS Constantine – Gamtel (Gambia)

JS Saoura – SC Gagnoa (Côte d'Ivoire)

CAF Confederation Cup

USM Bel Abbes – Liberian Shipyards Register (Liberia)

NA Hussein Dey – Black Devil (Congo)

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