Sunday , March 7 2021

A few weeks after the cat was killed, he died of rabies

Briton, whose cat was shot in Morocco, died on Monday, local authorities announced.

After a trip to Morocco had hit the cat, the British man died of rabies on Monday, reports La Voix du Nord. Public Health Agency, Public Health England, used this case to alert travelers to the threat of exposure to animals.

Up to three months in the incubation period. This death occurred several weeks after the encoding took place in the king's Sheriffs. Professor and doctor Jimmy Whitworth, quoted by the health agency, recalls that symptoms of rabies can intervene three months after exposure to an infected animal.

Importance of the vaccine. But sometimes the disease can be declared more quickly. Therefore, it is important to quickly support vaccination after vaccination. Who does not want to sacrifice the dead on Monday. When traveling, Public Health UK advises against touching animals. Since 2000, five cases of rabies have been reported in the United Kingdom.

Frequent fatal outcome. Rhubarb kills 59,000 people worldwide each year and expands on its website to the Institut Pasteur. This disease affects the nervous system. Neurons are ultimately unable to control heart beat or breathing. After the first development of the symptoms (difficulty swallowing, anxiety, agitation), the result is very often fatal after coma.

Child who died in France in 2017. The disease is often transmitted by the dog, but the virus is also found in the bats of the European continent. "No rabies case in the French capital has been reported since 1924. In 2008, human cases were reported in Guyana, possibly after the bone," reports the Pasteur Institute. The last death recorded in France in relation to this illness is the case when the child is 10 years after being in Sri Lanka.

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