Tuesday , March 21 2023

Warns Kempes to Martino – Criterio Hidalgo


Although Tri performance under Gerardo Martino's leadership may be unknown, Mario Alberto Kempes warns that he will not have a simple task.

"He was not so happy with Argentina, but he can get it with the Mexican national team, you really have to look at it. You need to look at how you will deal with what you plan to do. In the Argentine team, he had Messi and Messi, and all this was There are a lot of problems. Let's see what's in Mexico, "said El Matador.

He underlined that the fact that the elected representatives are still responsible for the interim measures does not prohibit them from offering the best results with a national shirt.

"They play with the Mexican champion and, even if they do not have coaches, they have to continue to assert that they are qualified to play in the national team, not because they do not have coaches, they will play without a desire," he said.

Finally, Kempes also expressed a desire to see Mexican teams again competing in South America.

Antonio Sánchez Ibarra I Reform Agency

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