Wednesday , August 17 2022

US dollars in dollars reaches 20.15 pesos for banks with "appearance"


MEXICO CITY. Weight Advantage of Advantage The dollar's weakness, the session is dominated by intermediate voices in the United States, which is also Donald Trump's government referendum.

The interbank dollar operates at 19.86 units at noon. At 9:00 am in mexico Daily gain of pesos is 0.13 percent based on information from Bloomberg.

In bank window, the gold price is sold in 20.15 units, less than 20.20 units, which reported on Saturday after the closure of Citibanamex.

In the morning, at 06:37, the exchange rate reaches a peak of 19.9672 units, while in the retail market – 19,826 units at noon. 08:38.

Currency market players increase positions, waiting for the result US Congress Restoration Elections, which will also mark the maneuvering space available to Donald Trunmp in order to further promote their reforms.

The market is dominated by the hope that the Republican Party could lose control House of Representatives and save one that matches the senators.

The index measuring the dollar against the ten basket of currencies is down by 0.06 percent.

The dollar expires before the announcement of Federal Reserve Systemscheduled for next Thursday where rates show that it will not change its reference rate.

On the other side, mixed behavior is observed oil market, a situation that does not encourage Mexican currency recovery.

Western European crude oil prices rise by 0.03 percent to 63.12 dollars per barrel, while the Brent rate is down 0.26 to 72.97 dollars.

In the domestic market, it highlights the fact that the deadline is extended in the auction exchange hedges, for the 62-day deadline, demand was $ 510 million, which is 2.55 times higher than 200 million offers.

The consumer confidence increases by 1.2 percent on a seasonally adjusted basis, last October. This month, a survey was conducted, which resulted in the lifting of the Texcoco project as a new airport. But the economic outlook for the next 12 months is 1.1%.

The exchange rate resistance is 20.50 units. Although the support is 19.70 pesos, the wholesale market.

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