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Together Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn? Los Derbez confirms the second season


One of the most popular families in Mexico will be reunited for the second season of the series “De viaje con los Derbez”. However, fewer participants will be part of the new adventure, as neither will Mauricio Ochmann neither will his daughter Kailani take part in the trip.

Jose Eduardo Derby, the youngest son Eugenio Derbez, was the first to publish news via its social networks with a video announcing potential participants new trip.

However, one of the situations that attracted the most attention was the absence of Aislinn Derbez’s former partner Mauricio Ochmann and their daughter. Kailani, whose participation was expected after the termination of good relations.

The surprise is that several months ago Derbez had not ruled out Ochmann’s participation in the project as part of their family despite separation. However, an Amazon source, Efe, confirmed that both Mauritius and Kailani would not participate in this second payment.

So far confirmed are comedian Eugene Derby, his wife singer Alessandra Rosaldo with his daughter Aitan and also the producer’s children Vadhirs, José Eduardo and Aislina Derbesa.

“After our family’s trip to Morocco last year, we approached as a family and realized many things between laughter and tears. This adventure made us want to go on vacation again,” Eugenio Derbez said in a press release.

Although the announcement marks that the trip will be presented in 2021, the destination the family will take this second season is not yet known. The first season is currently only available on Amazon Prime video.

“The series showed that, like every family, there is much more than what people see. A lot has changed and we are happy to share this journey again with the global audience of Prime Video,” said The Hero of The World. . The Luche Family “(2002) in the same statement.

The Derbez family released the official trailer via social networks:


Let the famine journey begin @primevideolat @aislinnderbez @jose_eduardo_derbez @alessandraderbez @vadhirderbez ## DeViajeConLosDerbez ♬ Oh no – Crepe

Author: EFE

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