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This was the fifth edition of the Fénix Prize


Mexico again was Ibero-American Film Festival, with edition number five from Phoenix Awards, taking as the basis of the city theater Esperanza Irisa.

The celebrations began at around noon. 16:15 with red carpet where candidates were nominatedspecial services.

Among the first to come was Paraguay's actress Ana Ivanova, who had been a director Marcelo Martinessi, tape creator Heirs, which split into six categories, including fiction Feature Film and Direction.

"I arrived on November 3rd, and I was able to enjoy this celebration Dead dayIt was extraordinary for me to find a culture of the millennium. I got the depth and I made myself a pure Azub, I sang, I cried with people in the square, I want to go back because I believe there are things that call me, "said the star Heirs.

As far as Ivanov is concerned, the film has left the Paraguayan cinema in another place that is experiencing a revolution with its recently adopted film law.

"It's always nice to see it, because it will allow us to continue to film and come from Paraguay, a country that is still a very young film. Many people when we first premiered Heirs told us the new Paraguay Cinema, but before there was nothing, it could not be new, because we started to make films practically from this century, "Martinessi said.

Sofia Sisniega said she was happy to take part in a project like a series Here on the ground, which was raised as Series and Assembly; "I think it's very important to recognize the work done with other films, which is not done to earn money, which is often Mexican television, without the quality that society deserves, this is a great event for rewarding those who says it's worth it so that we all win a little and do what we love. "

Sisnei also announced that it will probably be part of the second season Flower House and confirmed his participation in the fourth season Crows Club, with his character Paty Villa.

With broken legs and crutches Tenohs Huerta He came to the prize as part of here on Earth and went to talk to himself about his upcoming projects, such as the second season of this series, narcos and premiere of films Without life, which opens on November 16th.

"I will also come next year, called the Monarchian son, signed by a party in New York and half Michoacan, and I will make a geneticist obsessed with a monarchy butterfly."
whatsapp_image_2018-11-07_at_22.08.03.jpeg "src =" http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/sites/default/files/u18149/whatsapp_image_2018-11-07_at_22.08.03.jpeg "style =" width: 441px; height: 272 pixels; "/><br />She wore a turquoise dress, walked an Argentinean actress <strong>The light of circus</strong> who took part in Phoenix as leader and discovered that she was close to becoming <strong>Eva Perón</strong>.</p>
<p>"I'm going to release Rubiros, who plays with Manolo Cardon, where Eva Perón played, this is a great challenge, because Argentina and the actress interpret it. In Argentina, we did not know much about this story, it is said that she was dealing with a diplomat Porfirio Rubiros, in my opinion it's not confirmed, it's part of the fiction, so no-one feels insulted, but I'll play Evita's woman who might feel attracted by a person like him, "said the actress.</p>
<p>The last came, but no less expected, it was <strong>Veronica Castro</strong>, who confirmed his participation in the second and third season of the series<strong> Flower House.</strong></p>
<p>"I already told him (a <strong>Manolo caro</strong>) while the body lasts, grandma, grandmother, regardless of it. He also returned to the theater, Alejandro Gou offered me a comedy (<em>Wants Enemies</em>) I am worried about a lot of things, because, as you are about to imagine that they will continue to offer you work after the age of 70, I'm happy, "La Vero said before arriving.<br /><img alt=Gael García Bernal, Sergio Mayer, Paz Vega, Bárbara Mori, Oscar Jaenada, Billy Rovzar, Diana Lein, Luis de la Rosa, Julio Hernandez Cordon, Poncho Herrera, Daniel Vega, Ana de la Reguera, Marimar Vega They participated in this film event .

Gael is celebrating a possible marijuana legalization

"It's about time!" To speak of strong Gael García Bernal on the possibility of legalizing marijuana in Mexico.

"Karolastra" reacts quickly before continuing on its red carpet. La Noche was good for him at the Teatro de la Ciudad Here on the groundThe series, in which he works, won the best ensemble prize.

"I'm a family of actors and I love that we're winning, it's a pleasure to win the actors," he said.

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