Monday , March 1 2021

They call bells in Juarez

Jorge Dávalos took part in a draw that led to the first stage of the Quadruple Quarterfinition and confirmed that his team would eliminate the championship.

"They are going to overthrow their people, but I see that the team is very convinced they really want Bravo's field to be very good, and it gives us great benefit, I think we're going to give a call, we'll win there," he said. . with great confidence UdeG technician.

"Viking" spread more when it comes to its non-fearing competitors, despite the 17 points that were among them in the current season. "Every time we come up with results, they say that it is a team that gives us the opportunity to play well by adding the players' desires and assurances, they had a lot of indirect results, but there were not many differences between the team and the team. , they eventually throw themselves into the hall, deceiving the judge and making the time. "

Davaloss also talked about what he saw in court. "We played a good game, we have to remember that they are the best of the tournament, and we played a smart game with a lot of bombs, and although we did not get much, we got much more than they did."


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