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The water supply will be normalized on Sunday


Mexican water system director Ramón Aguirre announced that the water supply in the capital will be restored to 100 percent next Sunday, but he warned that the mayor of Azcapotzalco will be able to provide the service until next Friday

From the beginning of yesterday, the water from the Cutzamala system to the tanks was accumulated from 9 difficulties.

"The Cutzamala system is already operating and water is entering the city, we are already in a different dynamic. The fact that we already have water entering the tanks already gives us confidence that we are on the way to a solution to the problem," he said.

In an interview with the Commissioner for Integrated Water Management after the capital's congress, the local official said that from tomorrow they will be able to deliver water, although not with "normal" capital.

In this regard, José Ramón Amieva, Head of Government, explained that the renewal of the offer will gradually decrease, taking into account its location and geographic conditions.

"During the 35 years of the Cutzamala system, there was not a similar reduction in time or to the extent that it was, I think that one who has to admit to being able to deal with it is a society that has kept water, a culture of rational use, have answered and created this, "he said.

He explained that Alvaro Obregon, Magdalena Contreras, Cuajimalpa, Miguel Hidalgo and Tlalpan will be hosted in the first round.

While they will be in the second stage, Coyoacán, Tláhuac, Benito Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, Iztapalapa, Iztacalco and Venustiano Carranza.

The last one to get the liquid is Azcapotzalco. Taking this into account, Mayor Vidal Lleren informed that they will have 39 tubes working 24 hours a day, supplying water to schools and hospitals, and 58 megatins that we have installed at various points.

Increase the flow

On Thursday afternoon At 13:00, the State Water Commission (Conagua) renewed drinking water supplies to the Mexican valley for one hundred percent, so at noon. The flow of 3:45 would reach the tanks of the capital.

To compensate for the 156 hours of Cutzamala's maintenance, Conagua said it would send 10 percent more of the water flow needed to restore normal delivery.

The Commission also insisted that these days the priority was to restore the service, but ensured that the maintenance work carried out was in line with the main objective of installing the 2nd high pressure line. This, in his opinion, will allow the system to be "curved". Cutzamala

"The second water line in the future will allow maintaining the system without interrupting the operation and stopping delivery.

"In the next repair or maintenance programs that are assigned to the system, we do not have to stop it because we already have two delivery lines, so if we need to provide a maintenance line, we can work with each other," José said. Luis Alcudia Goya, Representative of Conguao.

RESTAURANT is unlocked

Eight days after the start of the Mexican milking process, traders, traders and neighbors already regret the delays in jobs that are not prepared to stop so many days without delivery.

Los Angeles Dance Hall, located in Colonia Guerrero, the city hall of Cuauthémoc, had to buy a pipeline to fill his tanks as they were booked, explained Miguel Nieto, a member of the leisure community.

Smaller businesses in the Guerrero area have already lost their livelihood and they had to drive it out of the huge water reservoir distributed by the capital's government.

Even people living and working in this area have shown that the problem of water scarcity takes months. However, it deteriorated with a mega-cut and deferral of work.

Olga Sanchez, a neighbor of the Infonavit residential unit, said that the problem of water supply collapse was suffering from last Saturday when water stopped falling into its condom tank.

The lack of drinking water is exacerbated in the municipalities in the north and east of Mexico; Cuautitlán is one of the most affected.


Morena faction The House of Representatives will ask the Federal Audit Office (ASF) to conduct a special review of the National Water Commission (Conagua) for deficiencies and delays in maintenance works in Cutzamala.

With the Legislature Leticia Diaz Aguilar, secretary of the Hydraulic Resources, Drinking Water and Sanitation Commission in San Lazaro, the lopezobradorist's stand demanded the use of the 500 million pesos that might have been used to purchase a piece of the product called K inverted, which could not be installed at last.


The Ministry of Finance informed that the national palace remains closed until it is announced that the quantity of water has been reduced. Access was restricted from October 31st.

Conagua reinstalls the reverse K, fixes hands and triggers it, but without a cut-off, as the high-pressure line 2 was activated.

According to Sacmex, popular household consumption dropped from 34 to 28 cubic meters per cubic meter, but it's ideal to reduce it to 25.

With information from: Cinthya Stettin, Fanny Miranda, Pedro Domínguez, Karina Palacios, Fernando Damián and Elia Castillo.

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