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The name of Scotiabank new director | Economics


Mexico City – As of June 1, 2016, Scotiabank will be the new CEO, according to a statement sent by the financial institution to the Mexican Stock Exchange.

Enrique Zorrilla Fullaondo will leave this line to focus on institutional relations and with the financial group's general direction.

At the same time, Adrián Otero Rosiles will join Scotiabank from 1 February to cooperate with Zorrilla and take over the Bank's general management from 1 June, as part of the transition strategy.

"Otero has long experience in Mexico's financial sector, where he has consistently achieved consistent results in his work at the global bank," the statement said.

"He has extensive experience in corporate banking, investment banking, private banking, and car and mortgage finance companies."

The next director of Scotiabank has received funding from the Monterey Technology Institute and a Master's degree in Economics from the UK School of Economics.

Brian Porter, Managing Director of New Scotia Bank, from which Scotiabank Inverlat is affiliated, thanked Enrique Zorrilla for leading the cycle in a Mexican company with important strategic achievements.

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