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The government of Peña Nieto stopped the vaccination against measles 20

Only when United States of America is a Health Emergency Declaration a measles outbreak, t Mexico It faces the fact that in 2018 the vaccine was not delivered against this disease, so over 770 thousand children did not receive adequate protection last year.

The new ministry of the Ministry of Health found that last year this complete lack of vaccination, which complements the fact that since 2015 systematic downgrading started without government Enrique Peña Nieto explained the reasons, informed the secretary Health prevention and promotion, Hugo López-Gatell after a press conference.

He warned that he had therefore complained Internal control body The secretariat's task is to investigate who is responsible and why there were no deliveries of measles-rubella and measles-mumps vaccines originally leased.

"The outgoing administration had to act responsibly and communicate to us: this is our risk assessment; was not warned and we are not aware of a rigorous, formal, technical, structured, risk assessment., he said.

"He has not warned us about this shortage of vaccine. In particular, in 2018, the vaccine supplier did not deliver the vaccine in June, August, October, and when we entered December 1, we learned that 24 hours ago the cancellation process was launched for this purpose.

Although he said he could not provide all the information during the investigation, he explained that the service provider, Laboratorios Imperiales Pharma, He claimed that it was not his responsibility, but that it was Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) He did not release the parties because he stated that the quality checks had not been completed.

This meant that they were not paid, so there would be no misappropriation, but a lack of protection against a possible outbreak of measles.

International standards indicate that the minimum vaccination threshold should be 95%, which has not been achieved since 2015. Political animal last August revealed that this Mexico is 81.9%.

Although no cases of measles have occurred in Mexico since 2006, but only imported cases, that is, the prevalence of patients from other countries, low vaccination coverage increases the risk of relapse.

So the government is going to set up "Quick Risk Assessment" to determine which sites are most vulnerable and prioritize them in the first National Vaccination Week 2019, starting in mid-February.

To address the shortcoming, a normal company Mexican Biological & Reagents (Birmex) will provide the health sector with a reserve of 554 thsd. Dosage vaccine and other 200,000 needed to compensate for the deficit will be provided by health services. Pemex.

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