Sunday , March 7 2021

The Apple patent on the inside of the iPhone is hollow

Joins Samsung, Huawei and Asus trends

Even though Asus was criticized for placing an area that was acting as a camera shake under the screen Zenfone 6, Samsung then showed several panels, one of which corresponds to this configuration and up Huawei cConsider a similar proposal. Apple adds a similar patent to them for the first two companies.

With this design, Apple will cut the edges of all sides of the screen. Obviously, the small openings on the screen are the perfect place for the camera and other sensors, without the need to use a notch – a design that was widely imaged by several smartphone manufacturers, where Apple was the first to launch it.

It is not known if Apple could use Samsung as its screen supplier because it has a model that matches this design and the potential candidate to appear on the Galaxy S10, although that does not mean that it will be introduced, maybe you just want to protect the intellectual property of this design.

On November 8, the patent was approved by the USPTO, the United States Patent Office, four months after its submission. It mentions the mechanism for covering the front camera glass, although it is used on screens.

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