Monday , March 8 2021

Tamaulipas promotes male health programs

The Ministry of Health, through the Preventive and Health Promotion Secretary, reaffirmed the importance of Tamaulipas men go for medical advice to prevent, diagnose and address the main issues affecting this group, includingprostate cancer, hypertension and diabetes.

"With regard to our Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, it is important for men to receive timely and appropriate care in all our health units," he said.

The state institution started operating in this capital In November, the men's health month, with the motto: "Responsible person, healthy person", which will be done in all national medical departments.

He mentioned conditions such as benign prostate growth, obesity and its complications are a public health problem and point to the need to promote preventive programs and promote the participation of this sector.

More than half of harm to health affecting mencan be prevented or limited by adopting a healthy lifestyle, self-sufficiency, detecting and diagnosing sexually transmitted diseases and controlling chronic non-communicable diseases.

And that's it human being it is characterized by a desire for a competitive and aggressive behavior for a less healthy lifestyle, such as drinking, playing, fighting and smoking, even dying in the case of young people in the event of mechanical accidents or injuries.

Finally, the Ministry of Health has made Tamaulip accessible to the health services network offered by the government to strengthen the protection, detection and timely treatment of their illnesses.

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