Tuesday , October 4 2022

SAT reveals Mexico tax simulation "megarred"


The Tax Administration Service (SAT) opened the network tax simulation created by 13 thousand partners and girls and "big" companies, and 600 thousand "risky" tax evasion companies, who share the same thing as being "ghosts" or facade companies created ex profeso to avoid Treasury.

According to SAT's data transmissions, the network between these companies, partners and shareholders indicated that it had collected a 100 billion peso flow that does not include tax evasion.

The simulation network It is made up of companies from all sectors of the economy, as there are traders, service providers, large companies, communication and sports, such as football, discovered Samuel Magaña Espinosa, central administrator SAT federal tax audit planning and planning.

He pointed out that there are 13,000 partners or shareholders using tax imitation schemes that exclude tax deduction for cash flows; ie, if there would be a flow of 300 million pesos between the company and the partner, about 100 million pesos were deducted, equivalent to 30 percent of the income tax (ISR).

"In these 13 thousand partners and shareholders Everything is everything. I would also like to mention that there are people who are publicly or politically exposed, and what I will do is that there are big companies or people from the world of sports, "he warned at a press conference, where he avoided mentioning the names of these partners and shareholders.

Magaña Espinosa added that they are "ghost" companies that simulate or facade because they have similar features, for example, they have just been created or do not meet their tax obligations, that is, they do not pay taxes, although there is cash flow in banks.

He said that these companies are also characterized by the fact that they do not have a registered worker, they have no registered assets, "we have a coincidence or the pollution of legal representatives, partners or shareholders or persons with the risk of living in disadvantaged areas, or that tax payments are virtual and physical addresses do not correspond to the real business.

"We have discovered a chain of these companies, their partners and shareholders, their legal representatives, pollution at the taxpayer level, telephone, e-mail, referrals, tips that can lead to the conclusion that it is a simulated scheme. Just try to reduce this fiscal obligation and fiscal risk, "he said.

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