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Rome will not be released in commercial cinemas

Director Alfonso Cuarón always knew that if he accepted his alliance with Netflix, Roms would not reach the commercial exhibition center in Mexico.

For this reason, his premiere of an outstanding movie (which of course will be nominated for several awards, including the Oscars) will be made exclusively in "selected cinemas" rather than in large chains such as Cinépolis and Cinemex.

Netflix reported that Cineteca Nacional, Cinemanía and Cine Tonalá will be shown in Rome on November 21st. The director and Netflix have equipped Cinemanía and Tonalá with expensive equipment: the Christie's 4K projector and the Dolby Atmos system to capture and capture the film as Alfonso Cuarón.

In fact, the weekly CDMX, which shows last September, exceeded 116,000 pesos and bought 1900 tickets. The premiere was almost secret in the Mexican Academy of Arts and Cinematography.

At the moment when the Morelia International Film Festival was premiered, it was planned to showcase it with Cinépolis, but that was not the case.

Alfonso Cuarón persuaded Netflix to take him to Morelia, as the director takes on a particular interest in the festival. In fact, he admitted that it was there that he had the idea of ​​a movie.

A representative of Cinépolis declined to give notice of the reasons why Roms would not appear in his hall.

Netflix reported that "Cuarón has used the latest technology to make images and sounds to capture the DF of 1971 by rebuilding an era that was never seen in the Latin American cinema worthy of a big screen," they say.

However, Netflix placed it in small and independent spaces, and it will not be the case in large film complexes that have the technological features to display and deliver it to all of Mexico.

Rome not only violates the rules of the commercial exhibition market, but also Netflix's laws.

"He changed his rules for traditional pitching schemes. Rome will be the first original Netflix movie to be released in the theaters before its internet service. It will be that a Mexican movie that plays a local woman and spoken in Spanish and Mixteco discontinues a rigorous policy, which is one of the most successful companies on the international scene. "

Manufacturers plan a special premiere of Rome in Mexico, however, nothing was approved before the big team agenda.

"Netflix has had the vision to see stereotypes outside of commercial cinema and put on a deep human movie."

The state supported Cuarón

On the other hand, Roms received 20 million pesos from the Investment Fund and the Film Inspiration (Fidecine), which supports the production, exhibition and commercialization of national films with financial recovery prospects, which in this case at least in the box It looks impossible.

They also received 2 million pesos, which was an incentive to choose how to compete for Oscar for the best foreign film.

With this money, producers must promote Rome in order for the members of the United States Academy to choose it from the nominated films.

Another 2 million pesos for distribution in the Mexican territory after being selected for the official selection of the Venice International Film Festival; and another 1 million pesos were awarded for the best film.

In addition, Cuarón received 10 million Mexican Tourism Promotion Units.

More cinema for Rome

The company reported that Alfonso Cuarón's film will be featured in Guadalajara, Guadalajara at the University of Caledonia, Cineforum Island Guillermo del Toro and Cineteca Nuevo León in Monterrey.

The film will continue in these cities, and will be shown on the 29th of November: Aguascalientes: Alternative Space in Aguascalientes, Toluca: Cineteca Mexiquense, Tijuana: Cine Tonalá, Cuernavaca: Cine Morelos and Oaksaka at Teatro Juárez "; they reported.

In addition, Netflix allowed small cinema festivals such as Chiapas or the Film Festival Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca to design it.

"Manufacturers are expecting more cinemas to be added to the film on December 6 so that Mexicans from all over the republic could see Rome cinema."

Netflix donates to civil society organizations revenue from its treasury revenue that will occur during the third week of the week in order to reach Netflix on December 14th.

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