Friday , June 2 2023

Pemex terminates contracts with AMLO premium “after opening”


Following the announcement by Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) that the agreements concluded between Litoral Laboratorios Industriales, Felipa Guadeloupe Obradors Olāns, before the president Andres Manuel Lopesa Obradora, and the oil company would be canceled, the journalist said Karloss Lorets de Mola said the decision was made after the “discovery.”

In his Twitter account, the communicator responded to a regular statement stating that Felipa Obradora and Pemex They will be removed, after which he confirmed that it was related to the journalistic work he presented in his program.

“Pemex confirms that millionaire contracts have been signed for the president’s first cousin #Felipa Obrador, which we disclose on #Loret’s site @latinus_us.

This Saturday, Pemex announced contracts for more than Together with Felip Obrador, Olan celebrated 365 million pesos, would be repealed as previously stated by the Federal President.

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The oil company said that after a review of the relationship Litoral Industrial Laboratories and Pemex, it was found that it was the first since its inception in 2006 to have competed with the oil company at least seven times.

Of these, he detailed, four were during President Lopez Obrador’s administration, when the contract to reveal the relationship between the federal president and Felipe Obrador was denied, but in three other contests, the statement explained that the president did not report this detail during the contest.

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Therefore, the company led by Oktavio Romero announced that a “thorough” investigation would be carried out to find out how these tenders were conducted to determine liability and according to President Andre. Manuel, who has stated that under no circumstances, close or distant relatives may do business with his administration.

“Citizens can be sure that there is no intention to hide and there will be no intention, and there is a clear commitment to impunity,” he said.

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