Wednesday , August 17 2022

On completion of repairs in Cutzamala on Tuesday from. 15:00 to 07:00


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CDMX.- National Water Commission (Conagua) is planning to conclude new ones repair in Cutzamala system tonight from noon From 15:00 to noon 7:00; Critical Day if there is no water It will be on Wednesday.

Roberto Ramirez de la Parra, Conagua Director, explained that due to relocation The piece is called "K" inverted, which would act as a bridge between lines 1 and 2 Cutzamala system, it should have been canceled.


Due to a defect in the piece, the pumping of water in the valley of Mexico had to be stopped

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"It was decided to replace the part of the pipe that interconnects the high pressure lines 1 and 2 to allow free flow of water in each line line independently, thus eliminating the risk of a possible collapse," he explained.

Ramon Aguirre, head of the Mexican city water system (Sacmex), said that as soon as the work is completed and the pumping system is activated, the city will have a gradual water rejuvenation that will last until the week

Cuajimalpa, Álvaro Obregón, Tlalpan and Magdalena Contreras Mayoralities will be the first to receive an offer again; Benito Juárez and Cuauhtémoc will follow; finally, it will reach Iztapalapa and Azcapotzalco; the last delivery could be legalized by Saturday.

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