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Néstor De La Torre spoke about the departure of Vitor Guzman


Vitor Guzmán is one of the young Figures MX disease and Mexican selection, which turned out to be the victory in the last Mexican football day after four goals Pachuca about Necaxa, which begins to pay attention Chivas to allow the player to go.

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El Pocho plays against Necaxa, in which he scored the goal of the poker. Credit: DEPOSITPHOTO / MEXSPORT

Néstor de La Torre mentioned that at the time he was Rojiblancos he was not the culprit to step down from Guzmán. "I do not know who said they lie, they do not even have delicacies to check the dates, they do not even see when Pocho in Pachuca as though I was involved. The Pocho yes he asked me Pachuca and they wanted an exchange, I continued to ask about Chucky and several players and I did not want to swap it, no Dedos Lopeznor does it Ironnor does it Guzmán"

Photo: Gorda-La Rae Press Conference Photo: Nestor de la Torre 2015/03/2013 / MEXSPORT / Adrian Macias "width =" 635 "height =" 356 "srcset =" /uploads/2018/06/Néstor-de-la-Torre.jpg 635w, / uploads / 2018/06 / Néstor-de-la-Torre-300x168. jpg 300w, la-torre-390x220.jpg 390w "sizes =" (max-width: 635 pixels) 100vw , 635 pixels

During the interview with the head of Los Campamentos, explained how the relationship with Tuzos in his time. "With the talks that I did with them, that was what I brought Cota and a Edwin Hernandez. Pocho guzmán In my time it did not come, I continued it because it was one of the people we considered the first team. It is completely out of There is a tree and MatíasThey were there, not there. "

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