Monday , March 8 2021

MPs give green light to AMLO to create study commissions

MEXICO CITY. – Plenary sessions of the European Parliament House of Representatives on Tuesday approved an opinion on the reform of Article 21 of the Federal Law on Organic Law, which gives the green light to the President of the Republic in order to createreleases to study a specific topic, such as Ayotzinapa's case.

The vote was approved by 328 votes Morena PT, PES and PVEM, 118 abstentions from PRI and PAN and 18 against PAN and PRD members.

In accordance with Article 27 of the amended package, the Federal Government's Organic Law, the Morena Majority Group differed from this issue with a separate opinion on the request of President Obama at the invitation of President Andrzej Manuel Lopez, who claims that "in order to achieve better clearance issues that are subject to him, the President of the Republic can form Commission Interministerial, Consultative and Presidential through Decrees ".

Said commissions they will be "for sending questions to be addressed by several secretaries of state or federal government officials".

The document states that "they will be commissions Advisory experts, specialists or representatives of civil society with recognized competence or experience appointed by the President of the Republic in order to resolve certain consultations or to express an opinion on the issue raised from the subject of the decree. "

It stipulates that commissions may be in the executive body and their conclusions will not be binding.

No presidential commissions Points can also be made publicly available servers and servers in any public-procurement functions.

They will be set up as ad hoc working groups to carry out research, monitoring, audit, proposal or report, which should be based on decision making, issuing functions.

Decree on commissions "You must have at least the following rules: its name, the name of the members and their position, and who will guide it. You will have to describe the object and function you have been granted, the location of the Federal Government body, indicating whether they are directly dependent on the President of the Republic or any other State Secretariat. "

In addition, "they must have a period of existence which can be extended by the consent of the owner of the artist, and, if necessary, the allocation of resources to its activities coming from the public authority from which they are dependent."

Finally, the opinion states that "the commission member's role will be honest and credible, which will not allow disqualification of the possibility of performing other public functions or private activities."

At the conference, the PRI Coordinator, René Juárez Cisneros, described in general the package on the reform of the law on organic law as "a set of mamotreto, mazacote, discrepancies and contradictions", announcing the abstention of the vote.

He said that his party "will not be an obstacle, but will not participate in this reform, which does not speak to the citizens and which holds back the activities of the government. We even do not give these doubts the benefit, because we know that they are going to fail, make mistakes and do not want them to blame them later. "

He called Morena "to restrain, take responsibility and correct".

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