Wednesday , September 22 2021

mobile screens are "expanded" and "everyone" wants it

At the end of 2017 – iPhone X presentation It was not only controversial with the price: $ 999, which is the most expensive smartphone on the market by that time; but also a "Extension" from the screen that several have appeared: a notch. A year later, those who predicted the failure were wrong. And who laughs last, everyone laughs.

Now the notch is a star from Apple devices (which also includes the new iPhone X, Xs Max and Xr) and those working with Android. But what is the upgrade of this upper flange type? On the one hand, it is an aesthetic statement Face ID the safest face recognition smartphone, according to Tim Cook's Command. On the other hand, an elegant way to find sensors, front camera and speakerphone.

So the notch allows a "impressive" experience: Increase the surface of the phone screen and remove the top edge. But this kind of "u" does not like all the same, because there is a lack of who claims to be ugly and annoying. Imagine what it says Christopher Nolan to mention one of the purest film makers nowadays – to learn to find out that some of their films are seen with a notch …

Huawei, one of the fastest growing brands, saw potential potential and did not want to be left out. Not Samsung, one of the most effective technology chameleons. And other companies add it to medium and high-end segments, aiming at massive amounts. Has the opening era been opened?

Samsung was opposed to including the famous "eyebrow" on your phone. Even months ago he was thrilled about Apple with a funny spot In terms of these manifestations, the South Korean giant disappeared into fashion and acknowledged that he did not want to go to oblivion, as happened with BlackBerry or Nokia. This week, in addition to introducing its seductive folding smartphones, Samsung announced four new screen types Infinity. And three of them have a notch: one in the "U" form at the center (the identical Essential Phone), other than "V" (without a rounded edge) and the other inside "O" shape (surrounds the front camera).

However, other competitors dare to experiment even more. New filtering Asus Zenfone 6 It showed a strange lateral inclination around the front lens. The screen covers the front of the entire mobile phone with hidden sensors. And the hole is also found in the patent submitted by LG, though located in the central part.

How much does a call with a notch call cost?

Behind iPhone – The number of mobile phones with Android which includes the basket growing on leaps and bounds. While most mobile phones belong to a high-end segment, the trend of the coming months promises to expand the reach. Thus, for iPhone X, you have to pay $ 62,999 and Motorola One $ 19,999 (according to official stores). They can also be obtained from other purchasing channelsl Huawei P20 Lite or Xiaomi Mi A2 between $ 9,000 and $ 13,000, if you choose more affordable equipment.

When returning to Apple, the iPhone XS and XS Max comes with 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB of memory. In the United States, they get $ 999 and $ 1099 respectively. For iPhone Xr, the price starts at $ 749.

Foldable Samsung

While whitening his flirt with a notch, Samsung announced this week its commitment to create a prefabricated smartphone format. The prototype, from which some specifications are known, consists of Infinity Display Flex; which combines 2 types of screens: a flexible side-by-side display that shows the device interface when folded.

From my side, LG and Huawei They already work in a format like Sony using the Xperia Flex concept. They all want to have digital pockets in our pockets.

Support for teams is called Foldables will be Androidas confirmed by Google.

The software will tell you when the screen size changes as if the content is rotated or projected onto a larger monitor.

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