Monday , March 1 2021

Members approve the view with the new government's engineering; Advance Creation of the Ministry of Public Security

The decision, which transforms the Federal Law governing the Federal State Administration, will make it possible to change the name of the Social Development Secretariat (Sedesol) in the name of the Welfare Secretariat.

The Governance and Citizens' Commission from the Chamber of Deputies, which is generally approved, and in particular the opinion of a draft decree reforming various articles of the federal state law on organic law, for the purpose of update the structure and operation of the government; as well as Establishment of the Secretariat for Security and Citizenship (SSPC).

With 20 votes for and 5 against he guaranteed to take Ministry of the Interior (Segob) tasks and faculty safety issues to be handed over to the SSPC, which will be headed Alfonso Durazo.

President of the Commission Rocío Barrera Badillo (brunette), pointed out that the document would be sent to the Board of Directors, together with the private vote submitted by the National Action Team to discuss and vote in plenary.

Your co-owner Jaime Humberto Pérez Bernabe, emphasized that the aim of this reform is to facilitate the operation of the executive branch of the new government and to try to change its administrative structure; "We can agree or disagree with the features, but the key is to strengthen a new system of public security and have elements of anti-corruption"

In turn, the deputy Jorge Luis Preciado Rodríguez (PAN) He pointed out that the system being implemented by the next security secretary already exists.

Before he said: "it was mixed Research and National Security Center (CISEN), that is, political situation with the policewhere the police not only committed a crime, but also politicians who disagreed with the system. It's exactly the same design"

He considered it to be the security system needs to be deeply rooted and reform should be considered when seeking a solution, because "no one is satisfied with what is happening in the country and that there are missing persons".

He confirmed that since Congress it was possible to do more in the federal state administration than the one given in the opinion It would be worthwhile to discuss each article in depth and agree on a better standard for the next government.

Deputy Julia Prudencio González (MC) regrets it The hearing does not take into account listening for patience and national reconciliation, which includes the views of the victims of crime, as well as the proposals made by the Commission's panelists.

On the other hand, this opinion will also allow change the name of the Social Development Secretariat (Sedesol) Welfare Secretariat, as well as the Secretariat for Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (Sagarpa) Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

In this regard, morenoists Dolores Padierna He explained that the change of regime means the reorganization of the Federal State Administration (APF). "It can not be the same law and it is not similar to others, because skills distribution, lack of coordination mechanisms and almost zero monitoring led to inefficiency."

Adriana Dávila Fernández (PAN) agreed that the same law could not be maintained; However, he argued that "the opinion affects not only the constitutional principles but also shows the unknown about what is public administration work"

He pointed it out appointing delegate representatives as secretaries of national security councils is one of the biggest mistakes what can be done. In addition, "the programs will be distributed in the electoral structure, which will lead to the almost disappearance of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) and the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (Coneval)."

Vice-President Lucero Saldaña Pérez expressed concern the opinion does not take into account most of the concerns, opinions and proposals submitted, with the aim of helping to make the law more balanced and orderly and had flags of anti-corruption, efficiency or prosperity.

"There are many troublesome issues, for example centralization, duality, torture, lack of efficiency and its impact on other laws and regulations as well as their budgetary implications, "he stressed.

Before that he informed him There are over 62 proposals that will be submitted as reservations in plenary to discuss.

According to the opinion, the figure from Super Delegates. Rocío Barrera denied that they would conduct electoral actions in 32 republic countries in favor of Morena.

In this regard, the legislator Marco Antonio Gómez Alcantar (PVEM) He said that "It is false that the delegate has to carry out due diligencesince Article 13 of the General Law on the National Social Security System states that only trusted personnel will be subject to controls, and therefore Article 12 of the same order states that civilians may participate in the Security Council which has been set up. "

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