Thursday , July 7 2022

Laura Bozzo, unrecognizable in her childhood photography


After sharing photos in the swimsuit, which caused him fierce comments from Instagram users, Laura Bozzo He published a photo of his childhood. Maybe somewhat soothe long in his previous position. In this picture, the so-called poor lawyer looks completely different from what we see it today.

"In childhood, my brother, Miguel, sent me this picture when I had small, beautiful memories," he wrote. Laura Bozzo in some way on your Instagram profile.

This is clear to us Laura Bozzo She is a woman who convinces herself and her body. The speaker's owner has no problem sharing his social networks, the images that her body appears in a swimsuit, as she recently did.

"Finally, in Acapulco, Mexico's Paradise. Here I am very happy. Blessings," wrote Laura Bozzo the bottom of the photo she posted on her Instagram account, and where we see her wearing a unique leopard swimsuit.

As expected, he received all sorts of comments, from the users letting him know that at 66 he looks impressive as well as users who scoffed by his physical appearance.

Laura Bozzo, at a press conference in which she presented the book Beyond Hell, acknowledged that she was the best ally in the aesthetic procedures to combat time elapsed.

Since one is older, you need to see yourself as old, no! I like to see myself well, so I'm 80, 90 years old. Get into the beauty and fashion always.

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