Tuesday , June 22 2021

Honda offers updated HR-V, mixed style and practicality

Honda HR-V 2019 It is already on sale in Mexico and plans to position itself as one of the most entrenched in the market segment, which reached 1800 monthly units.

By Celaya plant, In Guanajuato, since the flood creation since July last year, it was inactive,
Mexico Honda resumed its HR-V crossover production.

The new model presentation on Wednesday, already distributed to distributors, announced that the unit has now been restored to the front, new technologies, sophisticated handling and new equipment that makes it more attractive.

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About 2019 model, HR-V It gets multiple style updates, as much outside as in, to make it look more attractive.
Prices will be from 320,000 to 900,440,000 pesos.

The model made in Mexico is of a higher quality interior and superior clothingUniq and Prime have a high-contrast embroidered fabric, the Prime-model version now has a leather-coated steering wheel, while the luxurious Touring version features micro perforated leather clothing, sports seats, sports pedals and a rear-view mirror. automatic day and night adjustment.

The Prime and Touring version of the audio system It has a seven-inch touch screen with a simplified interface that includes the volume button and the integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with a smartphone, WMA and MP3 file player, and six-speaker features.

Honda HR-V Despite its compact size, it offers a large amount of passenger interiors and a wide range of luggage compartments.

The Honda HR-V is restored Available in four versions: Uniq with manual gearbox, Uniq CVT, Prime and Touring, white platinum, silver moon, black glass and red milano.

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