Sunday , February 28 2021

Gerardo & # 39; Tata & # 39; Martino wins the annual trainer MLS – Soccer Award

New York, November 13 (EFE). Argentine Gerardo Tata Martino, who runs Atlanta United, was selected as MLS coach and becomes the second Latin American to receive it.

The first was Colombian Oscar Pareja, who won the 2016 season at FC Dallas.

The MLS statement was announced on Tuesday, when the outcome of the voting was known, with the participation of media, teams and players, which allocated 37.72% of the support to win the prize.

Martyne, 55, is responsible for the happy project, which is Atlanta United, which has already overtaken several brands in the MLS competition and closed the regular season with 69 points, the second in the Eastern Conference.

His gaming philosophy combining star players with new development talents allowed him to win the team and is now also trying to get the MLS title.

Under the leadership of Atlanta Martino, this season has regularly won the best record player league record (10-2-5), linking points (69) to New York Red Bulls managed to conclude with 71 points, best of all.

The Atlanta United team also won 21 victories in the regular season, exceeding the previous 20 records, in addition to the fact that the franchise was the best attack with 70 goals in each two years, which was an MLS, something that has never been achieved before.

The great work of the team made it possible to highlight a number of individuals who eventually were included in Ideal XI, with Josef Martinez, 25, the Venezuelan striker and Miguel Almirón, 24 from Paraguay's midfielder Miguel Almirón as selected.

The two were also selected to nominate Landon Donoval for the Most Valuable Players Award (MVP), while Martinez ended the season as the Golden Boot winner to gain 31 goals – the highest ever MLS record.

Martino also turned to the next generation of stars, including Argentina's Ezequiel Barco, 19; George Bello, 16, and Andrew Carlton, 18, who played together over 2000 minutes in 36 games.

Argentinean coach who came to the MLS on September 27, 2016, to create the new Atlanta United franchise, managed to play in random seasons.

Thanks to a strong attack, Atlantis has managed to be in the first two positions, during which his season goal was different from Martino, and reached the most points for 2017 and 2018, which allowed him to qualify for the Champions League Concacaf 2019.

Now Atlanta United is playing the eastern congressional final against Red Bulls, the teams with the two best marks in the league during the regular season.

However, last month, Atlanta United confirmed that Martino would not continue with the squad next season because he did not want to renew the contract, which confirmed the rumors that his next professional career will again be a national team, as they may be in Colombia, Mexico or the United States.

Before arriving at Atlanta United, Martino was already trained at the highest international football level, leading the national teams of Argentina and Paraguay, who had the best history classification in the 2010 World Cup.

He also trained FC Barcelona after winning the Argentine title in 2013 with Newell's Old Boys team, with whom he played as a professional and scored the best in the games.

After getting his three first division titles with Newell, Martino arrived at Spanish football when he was transferred to CD Tenerife, where as he played in 15 games, he returned to Argentine football and continued his race with his old equipment.

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