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Five points with which Chivas can save the semester


GUADALAJARA – Chivas does not lose everything. Although Guadalajara is practically eliminating the opportunity to move to the Mexican Football League, there are still some points that will be saved at the end of 2018, which has been the rise and fall of the Guadalajara years.

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2018 posited the CONCACAF title and qualification for the Club World Cup positively, but it was another year without a league race and a painful retreat from the team that many roiby clubs still do not overcome, which is still an open wound that, with the results of Apertura, only gets bigger in 2018. .

But there are ways in which a wound can heal. Here, we offer five points that Guadalajara can still save some of the lost all year and half, with two months to go forward in 2018.

1. Decorative Performance at the Club World Cup

If Chivas succeeds in moving to the second game of the tournament in the United Arab Emirates and makes a duel that leaves the pleasant Chivahermanos against Real Madrid, where Chivas can be afraid of the meringues, Tapatio's participation can be considered satisfactory and save a bit of a team goal in this competition.

2. You can beat points in the last two tournaments

Guadalajara managed to add 18 and 15 points respectively in the last two tournaments, from 2017 to 2018. If Chivas add two points in the two remaining matches in the current tournament, he will have exceeded the points in the last two races, led by Matīss Almeids. Although it has little satisfaction for fans, at least the numbers will be slightly more favorable than previously experienced.

3. Youth Surveillance in the Future

Although Chivas is showing off new players in their team and who compete for the first place in the team like Alan Cervantes and Fernando Beltrán, Chivas are still some who may appear and appear in either the final stage of the tournament or the Club World Cup.

Players, such as the attacker César & # 39; Chino & # 39; Huerta or central defender Gilberto & # 39; Tiba & # 39; Sepúlveda – the last is the captain of a Mexican team of less than 20 years of age who is struggling with his ticket to the World Cup in this category – there might still be a chance that remains in the sports competition in the current 2018.

4. Replace the amplification

It is clear that Chivas is demanding to step up the next campaign. The directive will have to focus a bit on fans who continue to cry out some of the victims that Chivas suffered in mid-2018 and try to transform something into a team that will make José Saturnino Cardozo more and more competing next year. more opportunities to stop one and a half years without qualifying for the league.

5. Departure by José Luis Higuera

For the team to come back to the forefront, a large fan team believes that José Luis Higuera's immediate withdrawal from the organization as a whole to start the team restructuring, following the wrong decisions made by these staffers, and that they are again an obstacle to the failure of Chiva.

The current institutions and Matías Almeyda's exit conformance, as well as their controversial phenomena in the media and social networks, only increase the burning by linking Chivas and his fan relationships.

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