Thursday , January 27 2022

Facebook Dark Mode is now available for iOS and Android apps in Mexico


Facebook has been working in dark mode for many months since the social network, the introduction of its web version began in March, but the smartphone application lasted longer than necessary. We recently told you that it has already begun its public inspection, and we can confirm that it is already available in Mexico.

All you need to access dark mode is everything update facebook app, go to Settings and privacy on the Menu tab and the Dark Mode option will appear. Upon logging in, we will be able to activate, deactivate or adapt to the system configuration.

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Fb Dark

In all the tests we perform with various iOS and Android devices, we find the available option. Remembering that these types of updates are made gradually and some users may not have the option yet.

Fb Disney

Dark mode is designed to be a more visually appealing design in low light conditions, and smartphones with an OLED screen are said to have additional battery savings because this type of screen LEDs do not light up in black.

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