Sunday , January 29 2023

Facebook can give you 10 minutes to delete messages!


Everything shows it our prayers were heard by Facebook people and with the new update something included in WhatsApp Missed messages may be deleted.

Facebook sources they discovered that a new feature will soon be launched that will allow their Messenger users delete messages that are within 10 minutes of sending them.

As posted by The Verge This new feature was discovered in the application version 191.0 of the code iOs, especially in the section indicating "soon" indicating that this new feature is not yet available.

His arrival in Messenger was scheduled since April of this year, when Facebook acknowledged that it had deleted the messages sent by Mark Zuckerberg.

Coming soon: delete the message from the chat thread after it's sent. If you accidentally send an incorrect photo, incorrect information or an incorrect message, it can be easily corrected by deleting the message within 10 minutes after it is sent, "says one of the notes.

Nevertheless no comparison with WhatsApp time delete message no doubt, these 10 minutes will save more than one.
Yet Instagram and WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, already allow you to delete messages.

What do you think?

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