Monday , March 1 2021

Copa Libertadores: Mexico will return very well: President Conmebol

Pachuca, Hidalgo –

Good intentions remain, albeit not altered by calendars, at least one of them Conmebol and that it is a factor that allows you to return Mexico to Copa Libertadores

President of South American Organization, Alejandro Domínguez, confident Medi-time waiting for a conversation with Disease MX, Enrique Bonilla, about Mexican club returning opportunities Libertadores and why not? inclusion MLS

"Mexico, I think that I will win a lot with Libertadores, I have no doubt been a member of several finals; if we remember, Pachuka became a South American champion and the South American football's competitiveness is very high and very high, and under such circumstances Mexico will also win," he said. he testified to Mediotiepo.

Before the ceremony Hall of fame in Pachuca To which he came as a special guest, Paraguayan explained that he could not discuss this issue this week, but said that he always had access to the door when Bonilla requested it, because "there is a lack of time but intentions remain over". It also clearly showed that Conmebol would not be able to change its calendar to ease the return of Mexico, which was then the main factor behind its departure

"I do not know what the changes are (Mexico would be), but we can say that the amendments made by Conmebol were very successful in the sports and also in the clubs' economic terms, so the changes are very complicated or even impossible," he explained.

He also denied that there was a specific project but explained it Conmebol I think it's great and that he does not say "no" in particular, but "why not?" This is due to the fact that in a couple of weeks it is thought that a return might happen In 2020 with MLS, which would offer the ultimate game in the US territory.

"We are very far from the fact that we can talk about such a probability. At a time when Mexico was still part of Libertadores Cup He was enrolled in Mexico as a full partner and also recognized the possibility that eventually a single finale could take place in any city in this beautiful country that is Mexico, "he said.

In addition to this question, he considered that Final Boka River This edition is part of the best that could happen to Libertadores.

"All the finalists were unique to all the champions, but today we could say that the only final was put in the results of the first finals, everything in the Monetary phase is set for Saturday (November 24th)," he said.

This year, Libertadores lived in another edition, because it was the first game, not half a year, but almost every year, in addition to being the last one, in which Finals is played with tournaments in finalists stadiums, since from 2019 the title will be decided on one game in the previously chosen court, so it will usually be neutral, as in the case with Champions League.

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