Friday , January 28 2022

Club León vs Chivas: Álvaro Morales sends huge “advice” to the herd to make it to the finals


Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara scored from the penalty spot Lion In the first leg of the Liguilla semi-finals of the Liga MX 2020 Opening Tournament, they will have to go to define their pass to the final at La Fiera’s home and try to score at Nou Camp.

Prior to this duel, ESPN commentator Álvaro Morales sent an important message to the team led by Victor Manuel Wucetich, which, according to Brujo himself, would benefit him through the important tips he shares in the Rojiblancos.

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During the video, in a sarcastic way, ‘Brujo’ Morales pointed out that Chivas should start praying, fake violations, wait for the flute to sound and that the Lion would not come out on his day, adding that they needed to score another goal than Team Ignacio Ambriz.

“For Chiva to qualify, they have to ask their players to fake fouls, hope that ChiVAR comes out inspired by their day and that the Lion has the worst afternoon in all of Mexican football, and they have to score another goal than Esmeraldas and win the match.”

It should be remembered that the first criterion of this match in these matches is the goal away, so Chivas is obliged to score if they want to enter the big Mexican football final, where the second competitor is definitely Cruz Azul after his convincing victory against Puma in the first game.

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