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# CaravanMigrant is an AIDS patient and no medicine


November 8, 2018

Today, caravan representatives will go to UN offices to express disagreement over lack of support.

Photo: Notimex

Cases detected among immigrant caravan asylum seekers in the cases of Deportivo Magdalena Mixhuca in cases of tuberculosis, pneumonia, influenza and AIDS, but there are no medicines to provide people suffering from this latter condition.

Doctors told Grupo Frmulai that four children were hospitalized for respiratory illnesses, while the latter was transferred to the Iztacalco Children's Hospital for pneumonia.

In order to prevent further infections, yesterday the Ministry of Health vaccinated the central population against the flu, but they indicated that they lacked antiretroviral therapy for people suffering from AIDS.

Ciro Gmez Leyva believes that so far the number of migrants with this condition has not been approved.

This weekend at At 13:00, the caravan will go to the United Nations Office to express disagreement about the lack of support.

Another group of immigrants is hoping to meet with the elected Transitional Commander of the elected President, Andrew Manuel Lopez Obrador, to find out their guarantees for refugees and a working visa as they have refused to accept a temporary job offer.

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