Friday , February 26 2021

Balean woman driving straight to Cholula; the meters fall later

Riding your truck through road to cholula, the woman was shot from another vehicle at a height Calzada Zavaleta.

The videos that the newspaper has compiled Black sheet, from that company, it is estimated that it is Renault Clio gray color, from which one of the passengers directly opened the fire against the woman

According to the witnesses' versions, which together make up Central Pueblo newspaper, a woman was driving a Hyundai Crete truck, near At noon 14:50 (state center) and drove with a member when they attacked her with a bullet from the other car.

The driver and the other pilot were injured and, according to a second report by the Puebla municipality police, the woman tried to continue driving, but came out a few meters ahead.

The police and first aid elements arrived at the place where the woman had already died and, with a witness statement, police searched for a car that was responsible for a violent act that, after an intensive operation, was later the same with the four crew members, the same right on the cholula.

The authorities have not revealed the identity of the victims and only described in detail that one of the aggressors is armed without indicating the type of weapon.

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