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Atlas: Hoyos says that the best game was closed because he is a coach


Ángel Hoyos highlighted the fact that his team has linked four games without defeat.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Jalisco Stadium –

Despite the fact that Pachuca has linked 0-0 and that the fans who participated in the duel remained annoying, Atlas, Angel Hoyos, confirmed that this was the best game for his team, because he took the fate of the technical direction.

"The best game is closed, because we are here, and it really makes one open hopeful measure with caution, secrecy is everyday. The group that was formed is solid," he said at a press conference.

In this respect Holes He emphasized the fact that his team had no more defeat in this final tournament.

"This is the fourth game without defeat. We were close and the team deserved a goal to say good-bye to the home. It could not be, but it was tried and you have to congratulate the boys. I think players deserve everything to congratulate their efforts.

"I know the player is hard to congratulate or beat at home, but I do it because of the efforts. It's a way to continue to grow and promote this supply. We play against the team that has been an animator of the league. A group that really does good things. I want to congratulate the players and all the people. "

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